2022 Holiday Look Swap

“2022 Holiday Look Swap”

I hope I find you well!

2022 Holiday Look Swap

As I was tapping through stories on Instagram, as one does, I came upon my virtual friend Mari of MarileeMakeup’s story. Of which contained a slide of one 2022 Holiday Look Swap Challenge. I knew this to be a great opportunity to be exposed to and interact with presences with whom I’m unfamiliar. As well as enjoying the lighthearted, Christmas-spirited activity it is meant to be!

So, I participated in this year’s Holiday Look Swap and had the absolute pleasure of pulling Melissa of BoldEyeBeauty on Instagram!

Hosted by Emily of artsyem_designs and Paige of paige_edsel on Instagram, the Holiday Look Swap is an event/challenge in which you are assigned a fellow makeup enthusiast to dedicate a makeup look. (Or in my case, a professional makeup artist!)

Getting Acquainted

I took the opportunity to dive into Melissa’s content so I might devise a look that speaks to her essence. Upon my research, I gathered that Melissa specializes in bridal makeup; Thus, by default, long-wear makeup looks in which individuals feel their best. Her personal tastes, from observation, consist of a well prepped canvas, bronzer & blusher, light coverage for every day, sultry, smoky or nude halo eyes and a complimentary lip color. Though she does enjoy and utilize color in her eye makeup. All mood dependent I presume! All in all, a very classic approach, if I had to place it.

Her ethos is one of enhancing the natural features; understanding that makeup is never a “one size fits all” and one must approach all interactions and situations with sympathy and empathy. I’d also like to call attention to the fact that Melissa is monocular. Though a car accident at 17 years of age altered her vision, I feel as though her outlook and policy of one’s conduct is better than many. And my opinion of her is all the better for it! A wonderful, beautiful being; inside and out.

The Holiday Look Swap

So, for this 2022’s Holiday Look Swap; inspired by and in dedication to Melissa of Bold Eye Beauty, I give you: The Look

2022 Holiday Look Swap | Ardently Ana
This look has given inspiration to my makeup for my partner’s birthday dinner!

If you’d like to see more pictures of this look, visit my Instagram profile by clicking here.

I wanted to opt for something in which I felt my best, as that is what she strives to provide for her clients. Taking notes from her often sultry-eyed approach, (of which is quite similar to my tastes), I decided to go with my version of a bronze/nude halo eye to best compliment my eye shape. The skin was in keeping with light coverage for the everyday as I wore this to work. I also wanted to ensure the “glow from within” effect was present and long-wearing. This ensured via a specific highlight formula and a light dusting of powder.

Though I don’t generally opt for a bronzed complexion, I did apply contour to keep in spirit. I also excused the use of blush and lipstick. Simultaneously using all components of a traditionally made up face, I feel, can easily overrun mine. So, I generally focus on one or two aspects. This time letting the eye look and complexion be the stars of the show!

Dear Melissa,

I hope my interpretation of your specialty and tastes and perception of your manner hath given you a smile! Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones; and Happy Birthday!

Products and Application

The products used and application of them are as follows.

Skin Prep-

To prime my skin I used Great Skin from MERIT and Phytosurgence’s Verdant Forcefield. MERIT’s Great Skin is a bi-phase serum to use in conjunction with their foundation/concealer hybrid product. Phytosurgence’s Verdant Forcefield is probably the best and my most favorite moisturizer I’ve ever used. (Separate reviews for these two products are forthcoming.)


I used MERIT’s The Minimalist in shade Silk as foundation and/or concealer; a recent acquisition of mine. Applied in areas of pigmentation to even out my skin tone. (Review on this is forthcoming.) I then used Charlotte Tilbury’s Nudegasm Face Palette; Specifically the shade Super Sculpt for contour.

I applied Phytosurgence’s Spectral Shine in Fresh Fog, their version of a highlight product, to the high points of my cheekbones for a “lit from within” glow. (Review on this also forthcoming.) Then, Charlotte Tilbury’s Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder set the foundation/concealer.


I used Auric’s Smoke Reflect, (one of my favorite cream eyeshadow formulas), the cream shadow in Defiance; blended out with a finger on the lid for the base of the eye look. I then used Victoria Beckham Beauty’s Lid Lustre in Honey to highlight the middle of my lid for a “halo eye” effect. The shade Disobedient in Pat Mcgrath’s Bronze Seduction Palette was then placed and blended in the outer corners of the eyes for added depth.

I used Victoria Beckham Beauty’s Satin Kajal Liner in Black to tight line the upper lash line and add a bit of smokiness. Then, I added MERIT’s Day Glow in Cava as inner corner highlight in an attempt to make mine eyes appear wider and brighter. With Mascara finishing off the eyes.

Holiday Look Swap 2022

In truth, I did not plan to upload a Blog Post this week as this Friday is my most beloved’s birthday. Then Christmas following shortly after. Though, all that I wanted to include in my 2022 Holiday Look Swap would not fit in Instagram’s caption. Thus, we have this week’s upload!

To all who read this: I hope these times are filled with laughter, joy and the ones you love. Don’t forget to give yourself grace if necessary, too. Until next year!



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