5 Day Wardrobe

“5 Day Wardrobe”

I hope I find you well! I dedicate this post to my mother.

An Occasion for Celebration

I recently came back from a 5 day trip to Seattle that called for a thoughtful and calculated 5 day wardrobe. The occasion was for my mother’s funeral and celebration of life. Though somber, it was a beautiful event. (I will post separately about the occasion at a later date, if you’re interested.) But this post is about what I packed and what I wore – and didn’t wear.

We were blessed with beautiful weather, (of which I’m told is a rarity this time of year). I preface with this because though I was checking the weather forecast like a hawk, I was also semi-expecting the weather to take a turn for the worst. But the weather forecast reigned true!

Drawn to chunky knitwear, warm and heavy natural fibers and garments that sheath the body; The pieces I selected for the trip and how I paired them made me feel as though I were in my element.

5 Day Wardrobe

Pleased with my clothing packing choices as I believe I packed the right amount. One parka-like coat, two pairs of shoes, two bottoms, two sweaters, two dresses and four tops. (Underwear and accessories excluded from this lineup.) The area that could use improvement in packing is makeup. I need to adjust my expectations to be more realistic.

For the first time, I've succeeded at packing. Not only did I pack an appropriate amount, I used nearly all the pieces and felt wonderful in them.
For the first time, I’ve succeeded at packing. Not only did I pack an appropriate amount, I used nearly all the pieces and felt wonderful in them.

Something I did when planning outfits for this trip was to bring countering necklines in sweaters. I took into consideration the neckline of the top I’d wear, then chose the opposite neckline in sweaters to pair. Portrayed nicely in Tuesday’s outfit as the top was a turtleneck, thus paired with a V-neck sweater.

Please note most of the following outfits were paired with my black long parka with faux beige fur trimming and lining from Hollister. I’ve had this coat since 2018 and pull it out whenever we travel to cold weather. I also used a black belt with gold hardware form H&M whenever I wore jeans. (*Not a fan of fast fashion but I do have a few pieces left in my wardrobe).

Tuesday’s Outfit

We landed early Tuesday morning and had partly cloudy weather for the Woodland Park Zoo. (My first time to the zoo!) On this day I wore a wool and cashmere black turtleneck tank top from H&M; a rustic iron red wool sweater from L.L. Bean; light blue high waisted jeans from Agolde; and my black boots from Dr. Marten. An accessory of note was a vintage rustic floral print Ralph Lauren scarf I tied into my hair to compliment the sweater. I recall receiving a compliment for this outfit when in Safeway that day.

Tuesday's outfit.
Part of Tuesday's outfit.

Top & Belt: H&M

Sweater: L.L. Bean

Jeans: Agolde

Scarf: Ralph Lauren

*The key to having fast fashion pieces is to treat them as though they are one-of-a-kind, quality pieces; and hopefully they are! Do not dispose of them in the time frame their price point might suggest. Treat them with care to prolong their life. Clothing should not be cheap nor easy to come by. There’s also the issue of living wages and treatment of fast fashion workers but we’ll save that for another post…

Wednesday & Thursday’s Outfits

Wednesday, (and Thursday), was a family cabin day. From Wednesday on we had sunshine for the rest of the week! Favor, if I’ve ever experienced it. Travel to and downtime at the cabin and dinner was done in an acrylic-wool blend black long-sleeved V-neck from the Frankie Shop; an alpaca-wool-poly black chunky turtleneck knit from Anine Bing, (later switched out for a taupe cashmere poncho from my aunt); a silk black maxi skirt from Etsy; and the black Dr. Marten boots. The morning and afternoon of Thursday was spent frolicking in what I’d worn for pajamas the night previous. To depart the beloved cabin and go to dinner, I wore a white cotton graphic T-shirt with a picture of my mother ordered off of Custom Ink; the iron red L.L. Bean sweater, light blue Agolde jeans and black Dr. Marten boots.

Wednesday's outfit.
Top: Frankie Shop. Sweater: Anine Bing. Skirt: Etsy.
Thursday's outfit.
Top: Custom Ink. Sweater: L.L. Bean. Jeans: Agolde. Belt: H&M.

Taking into consideration my three words from Allison Bornstein’s three-word method: Solemn, Substantial and Flamboyant. I feel as though, and perhaps subtle, I have a built-in flamboyance due to my hair’s natural curly texture. But my favorite way to do flamboyance is with print incorporating, trimmed or detailed with black. A good note for the upcoming outfit.

Friday’s Outfits

Friday was a sunny, balmy 76 degrees at midday and the day of my mother’s funeral. My mother would have disapproved of an all-black attendance, so, I dressed accordingly. Her gathering saw my donning of one of my favorite prints to date in the cotton floral print against a black backdrop Tolstoi dress from Lena Hoschek; a black cashmere stole from Quince; and a black pair of pointed 87 mm heels from Veronica Beard. (I do believe 85 mm is my maximum heel height. I can feel the extra 2 mm.) That evening, to keep our minds off the heaviness of the day perhaps, we went to a haunted corn maze attraction. To this, I wore the black V-neck from the Frankie Shop, black Anine Bing sweater, light blue Agolde jeans and black Dr. Marten boots. I did not wear the Hollister coat at all this day.

Friday's morning & afternoon outfit.
Dress: Lena Hoschek. Heels: Veronica Beard.
Friday evening's outfit.
Top: Frankie Shop. Sweater: Anine Bing. Belt: H&M. Jeans: Agolde.

Saturday’s and the Last of the 5 Day Wardrobe Outfits

Saturday was a continuation of my mother’s celebration of life and beautiful weather. The morning saw a walk in the Arboretum and the evening, a delightful dinner at the Metropolitan Grill. To the Arboretum I wore a black vintage mockneck acrylic-wool blend sweater, (which I wore the last time I saw my mother); the light blue Agolde jeans and black Dr. Marten boots. To the dinner, (and I don’t mind telling you in retrospect, I perhaps under-dressed for the first time in my adult life), I wore the black H&M turtle-tank, iron red L.L. Bean sweater, black Etsy maxi skirt and black Veronica Beard heels.

Saturday morning's outfit.
Top: vintage. Belt: H&M. Jeans: Agolde.
Saturday evening's outfit.
Top: H&M. Sweater: L.L. Bean. Skirt: Etsy.

If you go back to my list of number of items packed, you’ll find there is one dress conspicuously absent from wear. Meant for an “in-between” outfit; outfits used during downtime or quick stopovers. The dress is a flowing black turtleneck maxi and ultimately rendered surplus to requirements.

5 Day Wardrobe Takeaway

This trip’s 5 Day wardrobe has re-inspired me to focus on my personal style and curate my wardrobe. I’ve taken a significant step back from content creation and I finally feel as though I’m ready to dive-in once again. Seeing as recent events have been so dear and close to the heart, I suppose it’s only natural it’s motivated me to do the work that doesn’t feel like work. And I know my mother would be happy to hear it.

I sincerely and ardently thank you for reading this blog post and allowing me the space to express myself in this way.



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