5 Unnecessary Wardrobe Essentials

“5 Unnecessary Wardrobe Essentials”

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5 Unnecessary Wardrobe Essentials

When it comes to one’s own personal style journey, I think it important to comprehend how unassumingly easy it is to be influenced in our curation. And indeed, it is important to experiment in order to grasp your tastes and dislikes in details of clothing. Though, I can sometimes find it difficult to differentiate style admiration from my own personal style inspiration. That is, pieces and styles I admire and enjoy from afar from pieces and styles I want to incorporate into my own personal and signature style.

Throughout the beginning stages of my personal style journey, I found I was influenced by those I followed and encountered on social media. That influence was tenfold when it seemed every one had the same piece or style. There have been a few times that I’ve found myself wanting a particular piece and purchased; Though, once received, realized that it did not align with my personal style.

Through trial and error, I believe I have developed a well-rounded understanding of my tastes and preferences. The unfortunate part is I’ve endured too many errors for my liking that can result in loss of money and space. Hopefully having someone confirm that you do not need these particular pieces will fortify your defenses when you inevitably encounter them.

The 5 Unnecessary Wardrobe Essentials

-that is to say, 5 clothing articles you do not need, no matter how many times someone calls them a staple.

Unnecessary Wardrobe Essential No. 1

First up on my list is a white, oversized, button down shirt. This specific garment has taken the “lifestyle” corner of the internet by storm. I personally have seen it sported by many an influencer I follow, and don’t follow. All this to say, this  -with the help of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman- has bamboozled me into believing a white, oversized button down shirt would be a good addition to my wardrobe. And in truth, it has -and it has not. I wear it seldom; and more so on days where I want the air of effortless and barely-tried. Though when I am sporting it, it achieves the desired look. And I can’t deny that I enjoy the way it looks.

Unnecessary Wardrobe Essential No. 2

Next up is a leather trouser. I will admit that a leather trouser paired with a simple, solid-colored top and a boot is one of the sleekest outfits I’ve ever encountered. And even more so if it is monochromatically black with the addition of cheetah or leopard print incorporated. The issue(s) I run into with a leather trouser is I’ve never worn the pair I own, even once. And that is a large conundrum considering how expensive leather trousers are. This slight can be lessened if you were in possession of “vegan” leather trousers. (I will not get into the deceitful marketing there.) Though the issue of never wearing the garment still remains. Indeed, perhaps it boils down to practicality. I live in Hawai`i, and suffice to say the temperature during the daytime is seldom at leather-wearing comfort.

5 Unnecessary Wardrobe Essentials | Ardently Ana
Pictured above is me in my very own pair of leather trousers. A purchase executed prior to developing and analyzing my own personal inspirations and personal style. And yes, a purchase of which I was influenced to make due to seeing this exact pair being sported by one of my favorite Content Creators. Luckily, I increasingly find myself longing to style them and indeed, as displayed here, I have pieces with which they pair quite well!

Unnecessary Wardrobe Essential No. 3

The 3rd of 5 Unnecessary Wardrobe Essentials is a matching lounge set. In my opinion, they are mostly for satisfactory reasons. It is satisfying to see and wear an intentionally cohesive outfit. There is the argument that it can make one feel more put together when at home. But is it entirely necessary? No. I do not think so. Not to mention, I would suspect the fact that it is a set would drive up the price.

Unnecessary Wardrobe Essential No. 4

The Next Unnecessary Wardrobe Essential is a corresponding bag. This, I’ll admit, is even controversial in my mind. Though let me explain. The ethos that one needs a bag for every season of the year or a matching bag to one’s outfit is one that I challenge. Yes, a bag can be pivotal in the dressing-up of an outfit; as well as being a key piece to one’s personal style. But bags, in my day-to-day use, are functional and less of a cohesive part of my outfit. One can bypass this issue with a cohesive wardrobe; a bag to match them all. Just to say, one does not need multiple bags for each and every fleeting desire.

Unnecessary Wardrobe Essential No. 5

The final article I believe is an Unnecessary Wardrobe Essential is a stand-alone blazer. This is not to say that blazers used as outer wear is unbecoming. Only to point out that a blazer is not a necessity. I enjoy jeans and a simple top under a blazer, though I think it important to consider all moving parts to the way one dresses. For instance, in Hawai`i, where I live, a heavy outer wear article is unnecessary. I find blazers, more so than not, tend to fall into the heavy outer wear category. There is also one’s personal style that must be consider.

The 5 Unnecessary Wardrobe Essentials

This is not to say do not ever purchase these five particular items. Only to say, “Buy them…after you’ve analyzed this purchase and have determined it sound!”.

I believe the important defenses one can develop are knowing one’s own personal style, inspirations, tastes and preferences. If you have a firm grasp on these concepts, it is more difficult to be coerced into a less than ideal purchase. But of course, this takes time. Click here to read more on determining the Inspirations of Your Personal Style. I now also follow a set of guidelines when shopping to prevent unnecessary purchases from occurring. (Click here to read the Clothing Purchase Guidelines.)

I believe careful deliberation is imperative when it comes to one’s wardrobe and it’s evolution; and urge you to take just that whenever it comes to your wardrobe, personal style and expression.



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