A Lesson to Learn

“A Lesson to Learn”

I hope I find you well. And if not well, then dealing with the situation at hand as best you can.

A Lesson to Learn

It is with a heavy heart that I set out to write this. In times of violence and uncertainty, I feel it is fruitless to carry on the same as always. There is a lesson to learn, and the lesson differs from one to the next.

 If you’d like to take action, I encourage you to do your own research as I am not familiar with reliable resources pertaining to relief for those in need. I also do not consider myself to be particularly political, nor do I keep myself up to date with world news. But the situation currently at the forefront of media coverage begs one to stop and reflect.

A Lesson to Learn in Relevance

I have found myself questioning the relevance of one’s personal style in an environment that revolves around survival. Quality in clothing and trinkets seem insignificant in times such as these. How could one fuss of the quality and cut of fabric when one is just thankful to be clothed? Is there a need for detail when one could hardly find time to notice it? Will one be applying makeup in the throws of fear and anxiety?

Of course, one could make the argument that quality might be of larger importance than you initially think. Seeing clothing as a necessity for survival, it is crucial that the fabric is able to weather the seasons; that the seams withstand the wear; that the cut makes way for functionality. One could even make a case for detail. Is one not allowed a smile when they catch a glimpse at embroidery along their hem? Indulging in a small sliver of happiness when thinking of beauty is not so terrible.

A Lesson to Learn in Grace

This then brought me to the question: How does one make time for self-expression in an environment that does not nurture it? I can’t imagine it, nor do I have an answer. I had thoughts of doing research on how past wars and the affect it had on dress, clothing, styles and self-expression. Though at this time, I can’t bring myself to do it. Or much of any task, really. I can’t stomach reading and watching humanity at its worst and most vulnerable. And I think I ought to allow a bit of leeway in this respect. I would urge you to do the same, regardless of your environment. The happenings of the world affect all who encounter it. It is important to be gracious to yourself, as well as others. Especially now, as times of turmoil are when it is most needed.

A Lesson to Learn|Ardently Ana
I pray for peace, health, safety, kindness and compassion.

A Theory

I will however give way to a theory. I think self-expression and one’s personal take on it, is integral to the rebuilding of one’s identity. Much like a community that is rebuilt after such devastation. One will eventually actively work toward a whole, re-imagined, even remastered version of their self. I hope for a time where one can contemplate style, cut and fabric; a time where the application of a lipstick product will signify one’s newfound strength. When that time comes, the reworking of their identity and self-expression will be something applaud and rally around. I hope that out of all of this ugliness, violence, cruelty, heartache and sadness, the lesson learned by one who had to go through it, will be of their own power.

The Lessons Learned

The lessons I’ve come ‘round to are these:

Your actions may birth unimaginable effects you did not intend- So, you must always consider them carefully, and choose kindness.

Personal Style and the cultivation of it is a privilege- So when the time comes to embrace it, appreciate it and do not take it for granted.

What is important is that you constantly work at learning and relearning your lesson. Do not let these lessons fall to the wayside.

I think we all strive for kindness at our own pace and in our own time. When power is given to those who seem to have not considered the simple concept, it can be devastating.

A Prayer

I send my prayers of safety and kindness to all who are fighting; experiencing loss; have been displaced and to all others affected directly, and indirectly alike. I think it best to approach all things with compassion, and this is what I encourage you to do.



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