A Vintage Lover’s Gift Guide

“A Vintage Lover’s Gift Guide”

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A Vintage Lover’s Gift Guide

With the Holiday Season in full swing, we need to be putting a bit of thought toward our gifts. Buying presents for others has never one of my strong suites, and I do wish that I searched for Gift Guides earlier on in my life. While doing so, I noticed Gift Guides usually cater toward one’s interests, but that I’ve never encountered one for Vintage Enthusiasts that are all encompassing.

A Vintage Lover’s Gift Guide
A journal, a book and/or a candle. Just a few things that I feel as though any Vintage or Historic Period Lover would be overjoyed to receive as a present.

Of course, you know your giftee best. Though if you find you’re having a hard time picking out a gift for the Vintage Enthusiast/Historic Period lover in your life, please accept the aid of this “A Vintage Lover’s Gift Guide”!

Gift Guide

Vintage Lover’s Gift Guide: For the Nostalgics


There are two routes you could run with this. You can either go for a tapered candle or a scented one. Of course, going with the latter will require the knowledge of your giftee’s favored scents and fragrances. A candle is always a great gift because candles make great décor whether tapered or scented. Tapered candles give a worldly sensation and are nice finishing touches. Scented candles, given the giftee enjoys it’s scent, will always give joy.

A Candle Holder/Candle Warmer

This gift would be wonderful to pair with a candle! There are two candle holders that come to mind. One being a candelabra, the other, a candle dish resembling a genie’s lamp handle. Candle warmers are good for scented candles because it prolongs the life of both the candle and the scent!

A Wax Seal Set

Owning a wax seal I feel is a right of passage to nostalgia. Everything about a wax seal screams historic period. Companies selling Wax Seal Sets can be found on Etsy, as well as Instagram. It’d be even better if you could get it personalized with their personal crest!

A Relic Relating to a Favorite Time Period

During a game of White Elephant with our friends, a Mite popped up as one of the presents, (Biblical significance). As well as being extremely awesome, it’s price point is fairmuch to my surprise! Determine your giftee’s favorite time period, then, (budget permitting), find a piece from that time period or historical event! I know I’d lose my marbles if I was gifted a genuine Tudor relic.

Vintage Lover’s Gift Guide: For the Writer/Creative

A Journal

If you’ve noticed your Period Lover enjoys notebooks and writing, get them a journal! Of course, pay attention to their color and/or pattern preferences. As well as their line preference. I enjoy bullet or plain journals myself.

Journaling Kit

This is a particularly good idea for a scrap-booker! There are many small indie brands, usually found on Instagram and Etsy, that create scrap-booking kits. Sometimes, there might even be a subscription option!

Calligraphy Starter Kit

This would be a good gift for the an artist. I find those who enjoy doing their makeup are generally good at calligraphy as well! This could also be a good way to jump start a new profitable skill for your giftee.

Vintage Lover’s Gift Guide: For the Book Worm

A Museum Experience

I’d say there is a very good chance your giftee enjoys history. If this is the case, determine their favorite time period or historic event. Then, find the museum nearest you that has a display or theme on this. If this can’t be found, bring them to your local museum!

A Book/Audio Book Subscription

More likely, your Period Lover is a big-time book fan. So, get them a book! Even if they just love to collect them. (I am personally guilty of this.) If they prefer movies to books, get them the book their favorite movie is based off of! Audio books are also an option. If your giftee is always talking of how they wish they read more, buy them a 3-month subscription for an audio book platform!

HistoricVintage Lover’s Gift Guide: And When You’ve Absolutely No Idea…

A Homemade Meal

Cook them a homemade meal! This could also tie into quality time I suppose. But say you absolutely have no idea what to get your giftee. Determine their favorite dish, grab the ingredients and cook their favorite dish! Though if the idea was to “take a load” off of them, perhaps don’t tell them. If they’re accustomed to cooking all the time, they will want to help.

Though, the gift you could never go wrong with is the gift of Quality Time.

Quality time I think may be the best gift you can give to anyone. The gift of your undivided attention, time and love is second to none. Try planning an activity that you know your giftee enjoys. A picnic, a hike, perhaps a boozy painting class. It is up to you whether you keep it a surprise or not. If you find it hard to plan out a full day, give your giftee a “Free Day Pass”. A day you two do whatever it is they want!

Pay Attention to Your Vintage Lover!

I believe listening and being observant is the best way to conjure gift ideas. Pay attention to what they like throughout your time with them. What are their hobbies and what interests do they have? What do they spend a lot of their time doing or talking about? Is there anything they’ve mentioned they need?

Take note of these things so you can recall on them during these times!

I hope you enjoyed my version of A Vintage Lover’s Gift Guide! As aforementioned, knowing what to gift another is not my specialty. So, please leave any other ideas in the comment section!



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