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Welcome to Ardently, Ana!

I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Ana. [aw-nuh]

I’m passionate about personal style, the cultivation of it and of self-expression; As well as the affect it has on one’s confidence and sense of self. I officially started my Personal Style Journey in October of 2020. (Though the basis of my personal style was present long before it was acknowledged.)

In September of 2021, my blog, Ardently, Ana, was first launched with the pretense of curating my then desired “vintage” style. Though as of late, my take on personal style has morphed into searching for quality pieces that speak to my tastes and preferences; Which is no longer barred to vintage-abiding criteria. Instead, my focus is now on the quality of a piece, its likeness to my tastes and it’s projected long term occupation in my wardrobe. In essence, creating a curated, streamlined wardrobe adapted to my preferences. These values and mind-frame have spilled over into other categories in my life as well; such as makeup, skincare, hair care, nail polish, fragrance, etc. Which, in turn, encourages me to be mindful and intentional with my decisions and purchases.

“Less is More”

Another focus of mine is being mindful of my behavior regarding consumerism. I’d rather one item of excellent quality than multiple similar subpar items. The philosophy of “less is more”, “quality over quantity” and “fewer, nicer things” comes to mind.

I also like to apply this approach to my makeup collection. (That of which I like to touch on often.) I see makeup as another form of expression that is very telling of a person. Seeing it as such begs me to curate and treat it just as mindful and intentionally as my wardrobe.

Quest for Quality

This journey has turned into something of a deep-dive into curating my collections; understanding inspirations and the overall quality and self-determined worth of a piece. At the beginning of 2022, I dubbed this process my “Quest for Quality“.

If you too are either just getting started or are in the process of cultivating your personal style mindfully and with intention, this space may be of use to you. From personal experience, I know how overwhelmed, completely lost or even unmotivated one can feel whilst trying to navigate this Quest for Quality. So, I thought “Why not share my findings and knowledge learned?”.  In sharing my personal style journey and quest for quality, I hope to give you a helping hand in yours.

*If ever wanting to highlight your experience and journey on Instagram, hashtag “quest for quality” in the caption, mention and tag me! (And let “Quest for Quality” be our community motto!)

About Me | Ardently Ana
I’m Ana. I’m very glad you’re here and invite you to introduce yourself via your preferred method listed on my Contact Page!

I am on a quest to determine how best to streamline and curate my wardrobe, makeup collection, beauty collection, etc. (Some of my favorite forms of self expression.)

Your Support

If you ever want to support me, please consider using the links below when making a purchase from the respective companies. The links provided are affiliate links, meaning I will receive a small commission from your purchase. All Brands mentioned below are brands with products I actively use and genuinely enjoy. I strongly urge you to take time to consider any purchases before they are made.

I thank you for your support!

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Ardently, Ana

I’d like to give an unsolicited explanation of my Blog’s title! The definition of the word “ardent” according to Oxford Dictionaries, is “enthusiastic or passionate”. Thus, Ardently, Ana – because I, Ana, feel ardently of the topics, subjects and content I share. (Not to mention, it doubles as an excellent valediction.)

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Some of these posts you’ll find may provoke revelations. These are posts that can assist you in cultivating your wardrobe and collections; understanding and honing your personal preferences; and being mindful and intentional with your decisions and purchases. Other posts in this category will be geared toward my own thoughts and revelations.

In time, you might also find posts regarding the history behind different styles in accordance to era. Essentially, what was occurring during that period in time, how the environment and society impacted the way one dressed, and other topics pertaining to all things historic-period related.


All content pertaining to personal style and expression in the form of clothing. Included in this tab are –

Personal Style and Wardrobe Curation related content. (Essentially, posts having to do with clothing.) Tips and Tricks on how to determine and develop you personal style; Cultivate your wardrobe; Style your clothing and everything in between. You may also find my outfits for the week/month, clothing purchases I’ve made, “hauls” of sorts, etc.


Any post having to do with Beauty, you’ll find here. Makeup, skincare, hair care, nail polish, fragrance, etc.

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*As of 7/25/2023: I have been on a well needed break since the beginning of 2023. Things have been overwhelming personally and work wise and I have appreciated this Blog hiatus.

The regular post schedule of every other Thursday at 7:00 am HAST will resume soon!

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