Aging Gracefully

Aging Gracefully

Changes Are Taking Place

I recently had a monumental birthday in relation to the scientific realm, its opinion on aging and the detriment of. Last year I noticed changes in my face were taking place. Slight changes, though when initially noticed they did not seem so slight.

The changes in question are as follows: The marionette lines created by my smile are more cemented. The beauty spots and freckles on my face seem to slowly increase in number. The expression lines of my forehead seem more easily exasperated as my skin type balances out/becomes less and less oily. My crows feet are more pronounced, exasperated by my refusal to wear my glasses. And my eyelids are seemingly losing fullness and elasticity.

I think the particular variation I found cause for pause was when I noticed the change in my eyelids. I wondered how I’d have to accommodate powder eyeshadow to the new shape of my lids or the angle at which I shoot content. December of last year, when posting my secret santa makeup look. Which, incidentally was when I’d noticed the most drastic difference in my eyelids. They seemed to be of two different minds on that day.

A Breakthrough

Yesterday was the first day I’d blended powder eyeshadow, (as opposed to cream eyeshadow), since then. And before that, I’d not done powder eyeshadow since April. Needless to say, the time lapsed in between the two instances made for a surprise as the realization was not gradual, but violent. (Dramatic choice of words, I know. But it certainly felt that way.)

Perhaps I’d been avoiding powder eyeshadow due to this development. I am blessed in feeling beautiful with no to minimal makeup, as not all women can admit to this. (My human plays a big role in this.) But I will also admit that in the past year the more makeup I applied, the less familiar the process seemed. But in doing my eyeshadow last night in preparation for a dinner date with the love of my life, I was reminded of the tranquility that is doing one’s makeup. The equanimity found when blending shade upon shade whilst playing a show or movie in the background. And upon finishing my makeup look, (in conjunction with reassurance and acclamation from My Love), I felt beautiful.

Aging Gracefully | Ardently Ana
A few hours into wear, this is the makeup look, (specifically eye look), in question. Click here for more photos and makeup details, (instagram)!

Aging Gracefully

In my opinion, these signs of physical maturation are signs of a life well lived and habits well formed. I do not worry about these differences in looks. And have, in fact, made peace with the fact that these changes are inevitable and will progress. (A loving, patient and supportive partner is, in my opinion, key to this process and conclusion.) Sure, I recently have a few more skincare products to boast of hydration and moisture, have booked a couple facial appointments and have made a point to more regularly incorporate at-home face massages.

This all may seem quite surface level and frivolous. But acknowledging these developments allows me to welcome these changes and age gracefully. I want to incorporate aging gracefully as part of my message and what my content exudes. The lesson here is that getting on in years is a part of life. And I am no less worthy or beautiful. Quite the opposite, in fact.



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