Autumn and Winter Wishlist

“Autumn and Winter Wishlist”

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Autumn and Winter Wishlist

I’ve been wanting to share my Autumn and Winter Wishlist for quite some time now. With Autumn and holiday promotions well in swing, sharing my wishlist and all it’s facets will encourage mine own intention. And hopefully encourage you to create your own wishlist!

Keeping a wishlist is paramount in my efforts of a low-buy and no-buy. It is also my preferred method in tracking the items I wish to introduce to my wardrobe and makeup collection. Click here to read some of the many reasons of why You Should Keep a Wishlist.

Autumn and Winter are my preferred seasons regarding clothing. My personal style embodies the layered and covered aspect; as well as the many “moody” shades that correlate with the two seasons. Thus, Autumn and Winter collections released by brands tend to be my favorite as well. Within the past two plus years since starting my personal style journey, I’ve noticed I don’t care for prints and shades of colors one often encounters in spring and summer. Only ever to be drawn in by a particular structure, cut and/or style of a garment.

This is also true in terms of makeup. Autumn and Winter is when you see the release of Holiday Makeup Collections from Brands. And what a wonderful time it is! Where I live, the climate does not vary much from season to season. So, my makeup application is generally consistent in terms of product and method. This fact helps to keep the number of items in my makeup collection lower than what it might be otherwise.

Autumn and Winter Wishlist

So, as we seem to be in the thick of Autumn and Winter and all the releases and collections that come with it, one can imagine my Autumn and Winter Wishlist is in the thick of it too. And you’d imagine correct.

I’ve a few Autumn and Winter Wishlist items that have already been acquired. Some were kept, some were returned; and I’ll get into the whys and why nots here in a second. First, starting with clothing.

First brand to cover having three items of which were initially on my autumn and winter wishlist: Mille.

The Mille Dresses

The first item being the Catherine Dress in Jade Paradise. This item was on my wishlist due to the lovely, vibrant blue-green of the pattern. Mille releases different styles and cuts of the same pattern so, I had a few options from which to choose. The Catherine Dress being my intial pick because I’ve this style in a different pattern-way from a previous collection. Being familiar with the style, I thought it’d be a good idea to have it in a different color and pattern. But upon further deliberation, I thought different; and opted for a playful, more informal cut: the Aneli Dress. It’s shorter in length and sleeve, with a tiered skirt and a sweetheart neckline. A bit out of my comfort zone, but I was not disappointed!

The next of the three was the Ellinor Dress in St. Germain. And indeed, it was the style I had initially wanted in the St. Germain pattern. There was a moment when I debated between the Ellinor and the Sigrid, but the Ellinor outshone in the end. It’s a bit more my speed in length, being the longer of the two. I was unsure the purchase was sound. Though the longer I wore it, the more I appreciated it.

Mille Holiday

The last of the three Mille dresses is the Giselle Dress in Black Brocade. The Giselle is a part of their 2022 Holiday Collection. From which I like to purchase one piece from these particular collections since I came across the brand. This year, it was between the Giselle and Nina Dress in Black Brocade, the Charlotte Top in Metallic Jacquard, and the Chloe Skirt and Chantal Top in Black Tulle. Truth be told, I may still yet acquire the Charlotte, Chloe and Chantal. But only time will tell. I settled on the Giselle because the style is one that is informal while being entirely formal. A short, bell of a skirt with likewise sleeves at wrist length. A perfect piece for Holiday parties.

Ulla Johnson Pieces

The next two items I acquired are from the brand Ulla Johnson. One, I kept; the other, I did not. The item I kept not only out of necessity, but also because I feel as though it gives an outfit edge. Thus, making a heavily feminine outfit feel a bit more at home. The Eugenie Stocking. With black paisley design wrapping around the entire leg, the Eugenie Stocking is one that lends a bit of mystique to all pairings.

The item I ended up returning were the Gia Ribbon Heels. Beautiful though they may be, they did not fit. ‘Twas quite disappointing. Especially so because customer care advised to go with said size. I had an idea of the part in my wardrobe the Gia heels would play. They were Informal/inappropriate for work due to toe slits, but had a sophistication about them. And would have paired well with many pieces I own. Not to mention the Tim Burton-esque aura about them. But alas, ‘twas not to be. For the price and time to wait for the exchange, I decided against keeping them.

Sweater Weather

At this point in time, the number of sweaters I’ve on my Autumn and Winter Wishlist is quite high. And the first of the season I decided to purchase was the Sydney Sweater in Black from Anine Bing. In retrospect, I could have ordered a medium for a more oversized fit. Seeing as it’s made to be oversized, the size small is sufficient. It has a high neck, a bit like a wide turtleneck; pleasant for layering. High quality knitwear is always a luxury, as this entire list is. Though knitwear always proves worthy of the cost for the comfort and warmth provided.

Anna Mason London

I started with two blouses from Anna Mason London on my Autumn and Winter Wishlist. The first of the two that I purchased was the Margot Blouse; made exclusively for Net-A-Porter. Upon receiving, I was disappointed with the fit, being boxier than I thought. And though the pattern was lovely, (I’ve a soft spot for tasteful pattern), the colorway was that of a warm palette. I’d had misgivings regarding the warmth of the pattern but decided to purchase as returns were free. My concern was proven valid as, to mine eye, the colors clashed with my undertone. I swiftly returned the blouse.

Autumn and Winter Wishlist | Ardently Ana
Read my Blog Post titled “You Should Keep a Wishlist” for the ways in which keeping this wishlist ensures intentional spending.

And now, we come to the clothing items I’ve yet to decide on whether I will acquire.

Autumn and Winter Wishlist Priority

Highest on my Autumn and Winter Wishlist are the pieces from designer Lena Hoschek that, at this time, have yet to be released. I periodically visit retailer sites that carry Lena so that I might see upcoming collections. Topmost from this current collection of her’s, the Tolstoi Dress. The name alone is enough to catch one’s attention with its obvious ode to Russia. And though the name alone would not have been enough to enrapture, the pattern and ribbon pairing most certainly is. A truly stunning garment on par with my most favorite of dresses, the Glasshouse Dress, from Lena’s 2021 AW Collection.

Then there are about four pieces in an anticipated capsule collection from Lena Hoschek that is to release next year. And from that collection I seek a blouse, a pair of trousers, a skirt and it’s jacket.

The Rest of the Clothing Autumn and Winter Wishlist

Less urgent than the above, but only just, are the rest of the items I am keen to acquire.

Most so the Iona Blouse from Anna Mason London and the Lisa Pumps in Black from Veronica Beard. The Iona Blouse is “a bit of me”. Edgy, deep, inky black accents throughout the garment with uber-feminine details to balance the piece. And of course, a strong, feminine silhouette for the foot found in the Lisa Pump to compliment one’s outfit. Queen Elizabeth II approved, I think!

Also on the list is a pair of Leather Leggings. I’ve a particular brand in mind though am still browsing as this is a recent addition to my wishlist and I’d like to make good use of my 30 day minimum analysis period.

Among the many knitwear jots on my Autumn and Winter Wishlist, one that stands out is a Cobalt Blue Sweater from Babaa. It is a blue I particularly enjoy and would like to incorporate more of in my wardrobe.

And you have my current Autumn and Winter Wishlist items status’! I’d planned on including my Makeup Wishlist items as well, though it seems as though that will have to wait for another post. (Though I will quickly mention the recent anouncement of the Lisa Eldridge Eyeshadow Palettes! Anyone else?) A reminder that a Wishlist is only as effective in encouraging intentional spending as your will. In order to be fruitful, you must follow the rules of the Wishlist or your Purchase Guidelines.

Many times, even just talking about said items is enough to get the bug out of your system. So, please, tell me what’s all on your Wishlist and why in the comments below!



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