Clothing Purchase Guidelines

“Clothing Purchase Guidelines”

I hope I find you well!

Last week I posted a brief overview of goal and habits for this year. I also took a little extra time to specify the goals/habits related to clothing. While thinking of my goals regarding my wardrobe, I of course thought of all the clothes I’d like. And then I started thinking of my current wardrobe and shopping habits.

When thinking of the fashion industry as a whole, my impression is that it thrives off of quick trends and fast fashion. I find the this affects the way one consumes fashion. One is always thinking of their next purchase or the next release from a brand.  I personally have recently found myself overwhelmed by this way of consuming. I have a list of pieces and styles that I’m in search of and I’ve found myself adding to it more and more. My want for new clothing never ending, and a lack of inspiration ever impending.

I’ve decided I’d like to take a step back; Avoid impulse purchases. Every good goal has a plan of action, a sort of guideline. My plan of action is as follows: Clothing Purchase Guidelines.

Be mindful of marketing

 The way clothing items are presented is carefully and strategically thought out, always. Certain clothing styles appeal to consumers based on their interests. You can bet your bottom dollar brands will play into these interests if they are able. For instance, I’ve recently come across a brand that displays and presents their clothing that seems to target me and my interests. The models are fashioned with ruffs and one’s hair is styled in a snood. The picture’s filters are moody, shadowed, and gothic reminiscent. A Tudor Era lover’s fashion dream.

Do I think their clothing is particularly unique? No. Do I find their cuts and styles particularly desirable? No. (Although, there was one particular dress with a square-cut neckline and Tudor-esque floral pattern that I desperately wanted. Alas, it has since sold out.) Then why do I keep going back to this brand and looking at their clothing? Because of the way it is being presented. This brand will be appealing to any 15th and 16th century lover. Ensure it is the clothing you enjoy, not how the clothing is being promoted.

Ask yourself my “Four Pillar Questions”

Is this something that aligns with my personal style? (Would I truly wear it, or do I just admire it?)

Is this of good quality? (Was this piece collectively made well?)

Is this something I’d reach for on a regular basis? (Would I use this often?)

Is this practical for my lifestyle? (Does my schedule and life present frequent opportunities to wear it comfortably while worry free?)

These four pillar questions work wonders to ensure you avoid impulse purchases. If more than three out of four of your answers were “No”, I think it best to pass on this purchase. Though of course, exceptions can always be made if this is an occasion purchase for a holiday or an event.

Keep to your Clothing Shopping Plan

Plan your purchases. A well thought out Clothing Shopping Plan will help keep unnecessary purchases to a minimum. I’ve made a whole separate blog post for this topic. You can read it here.

Stop comparing your wardrobe to others

When comparing your wardrobe to someone else’s, there is always an undertone of what you do not have. This in turn urges you to find new clothing and make impulse purchases. Instead, take note of what clothing cuts and styles you enjoy. Then, transfer these styles to a list of items and pieces you are in search of. This will help you make a well-rounded decision because you will have had the time to see multiple options and choose the best.

Don’t make purchases based on favorite influencers

This coincides with my points regarding ads and comparison, though it also deserves its own point. When an influencer you enjoy is promoting a brand or product, it can be easy to go ahead and make that purchase. You want to support this person and you trust their opinion and word. Regarding clothing specifically, this can be problematic. Though you enjoy them, they have their own individual style that may not translate to yours. Their standard to clothing, quality and brands may also differ. Not to mention, what looks good on them may not necessarily look good on you. Certain styles fit certain body shapes better, while not looking as seem-less on others. Though if these points are in alignment, by all means!

“Sit” on purchases

I briefly touch on this in the “Clothing Shopping Plan”, but this point essentially encapsulates the whole goal. The goal is to avoid impulse purchases. If you see an item you particularly like, wait to buy it. Do not make your purchases immediately after encountering an item. More often than not, I find when I wait on an impulse buy, in about two weeks the yearn for the item has ceased some. Two more weeks or a couple of months and sometimes I find I don’t want the item altogether.

Clothing Purchase Guidelines|Ardently Ana
I can’t stress the importance of “sitting on” purchases you want to make. It helps determine would-be impulse buys while saving regret and money.

Easier said than done. And I can’t assure you, (or myself), that a couple Limited Edition items won’t be acquired- But I do know that keeping to these clothing purchase guidelines as closely as possible will help attain the goal.

If you have any personal tips you follow to avoid impulse purchases, please share them in the comment section! I would be most eager to know.



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