Combat Clothing Imposter Syndrome

“Combat Clothing Imposter Syndrome”

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Combat Clothing Imposter Syndrome

Recently, I’ve found myself feeling quite uninspired in clothing. I’ve also found that when this is the case, it’s harder to wear period specific clothing. This is especially so on days I don’t need to leave the confines of my home.

            At the moment, wearing period inspired clothing seems to be a facade. There is a sense of imposter syndrome because when home, I’m in baggy, oversized, mismatched pajama wear or raggedy dresses. Very seldom do I find myself getting “dressed up” for a day at home. But then that makes the gap between the image in my head of which I am striving for and my default garb, that much wider.

            I don’t want dressing in my period specific clothing to be such a feat. When I put on a dress or a pair of trousers, I want to feel natural; Not as if I’d been putting on a show while out. Only to then take off the “costume” once I’m home.

            I have a sneaky suspicion that this is not an isolated instance. And that this indeed is very common amongst us who are just starting our personal style journey. And if my suspicions are correct, perhaps concocting a way to combat this issue would be in our best interest.

            After giving it a fair bit of thought, I’ve drafted three habits to start implementing and trying to acquire.

I enjoy wearing dresses when home. I’ve also a distinction between clothes I wear when leaving the house, and clothes I wear when home. Though, I’m not entirely sure it does me any good. If how inspired I feel toward clothing doesn’t change, perhaps this may be something I need to analyze.

Find “Home Wear”

The first battle strategy is to find “Home Wear”, (clothes to wear at home), that make you feel confident. I always feel beautiful and confident in my period pieces in public. So I think it important to keep that same thread throughout. Or rather, within (the house).

When at home, my clothing needs to be comfortable. Flow-y linen and thick-cotton type dresses tend be as such. Comfortable while having a laid-back feel about them, as well as feeling “dressy” at the same time. I’d like to look into something that feels ethereal, or even chemise-like. As these are styles I am quite interested in but have not the nerve to display outside of my home, I’m thinking they will be good to adopt as my new lounge wear.

Speaking of lounge wear, I’ve never owned a “set”. As in a matching top and bottom outfit. And I think it high time I got one. My favorite sets to look at tend to have delicate, feminine details. I’ve found a couple lounge sets I’d like to purchase. Though I’m having a hard time doing so due to the price. (The prices put on lounge and pajama sets are ridiculous in my humble opinion.)

I advise to find actual home wear as opposed to wearing your clothing home. This is because historical inspired clothing can prove to be impractical. Though if you disagree and/or this is not true for you, the by all means!

Fashion Your Hair to Combat Clothing Imposter Syndrome

The next approach I’d like to try is fashioning my hair in period specific styles. Even on days I plan on staying home. I enjoy creating period inspired hair styles and would like to do it more often. My thought process for this being that having my hair done, as opposed to wearing it down, will give a sense of being “put together”.

It is all a matter of putting in the effort and feeling better and more confident for it. Hopefully, I’ll have the familiar feeling of confidence. And having my hair be a constant in public and at home will lessen the feeling of divide between the two. Once the imposter syndrome ceases, I’ll probably stop making my hair, depending on whether or not I enjoy it.

Do Your Makeup

I’d also like to do this with historical makeup styles. Though I don’t wear makeup nearly as much as I used to. This last of the strategic trilogy will hopefully make wearing period specific clothing a second nature.

Combat Clothing Imposter Syndrome|Ardently Ana
I find when wanting to Combat Clothing Imposter Syndrome, (or any imposter syndrome for that matter), putting on a red lip helps bring me out of “my shell”. Though it may be out of one’s comfort zone, it does the trick in giving a boost of confidence. Red lipstick has seemingly been a steadfast beauty staple since it became widely accepted, (though not in all cultures), in the ’20s.

As of today, I feel comfortable in my contemporary clothing. Though my goal is to eventually not feel the need for it; to not feel as though I need a break from my historical clothing. That, I assume, will come in time, and with effort. This is inevitable as I’d like to eradicate most of my contemporary clothing; And have a fully functioning historical inspired wardrobe.

Inadvertently, these tips also have the potential to make you feel more productive as well! Though I hope this has given you some in to combat clothing imposter syndrome. And I beg of you: If you’ve gone through the process of feeling as though you’re an imposter in your preferred clothing and have come out the other side triumphant, share with me your secrets! I would very much like to know!



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