Creating a Beauty Policy

“Creating a Beauty Policy”

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Creating a Beauty Policy

When I started my personal style journey, I initially bought items unbridled. I didn’t put much thought toward a budget, nor how I’d keep the number of items acquired at bay. I now believe creating a Beauty Policy is an act one should take before acquiring new pieces.

I’ve noticed that acquiring the pieces I believe express my personal preferences has turned into something not unlike a hobby. I’ve always known this about myself; that I am a “collector” of my interests. There should be no reservations when approaching one’s interests and hobbies. Curating my wardrobe and being on my personal style journey has turned into just that. This, of course, means I’ve started it with no reservations.

The Beauty Policy

I think it important to start one’s personal style journey with guidelines in place. A set of rules of which to follow, as strictly as possible. These particular guidelines should cover monetary allowance, purchase patterns – (or lack thereof), prerequisites, declutter-ing cues, exceptions to rules and any goal one might want to achieve.

I have dubbed this set of guidelines: The Beauty Policy. And today, I’d like to share with you mine. In doing this, my hope is that it might give you an example from which to derive your own Beauty Policy. Or even just give a rough template to and spark inspiration for you.

I’ve created my Beauty Policy with a focal point of “Quality Over Quantity”. Streamlined, as well as curated, is what my wardrobe and/or beauty collection need to be in order to really drive this home.

Purchase Prerequisite

I keep a list of clothing items that I want to purchase that I go over regularly. When looking through the list, I determine whether the need or yearn for an item is still present. I’ve concluded that an item must remain on the list for at least four weeks before purchasing it. The date on which an item is added to the list will be recorded, to keep track of.

The purchase of limited-edition clothing items will be the exception to this rule. The course of action will be to hold up on purchasing until noticing low supply of the item.

This is usually attainable to keep track of because I also check the item on site when I go through my list. Most clothing companies’ websites I come across indicate low supply and/or the exact number of an item left when supply gets relatively low. I’ve also mostly stopped purchasing directly from fast fashion brands, so I don’t usually have an issue with items untrack-ably going out of stock. If an item ever does so, I’d’ve already known it was about to wipe out.

If I am to make a purchase of a limited-edition item that has occupied the list for less than four weeks, it will have to meet a requirement.  The clothing item in question must be place-able into eight separate outfits; to ensure it is relatively functional within my wardrobe. In order to determine this, a well-rounded acquaintance of one’s entire wardrobe is eminent.

When following the initial prerequisite, every item being purchased must be place-able into five separate outfits. I’m sure an item will be well received if it has lasted the allotted time of four weeks. Though I must add, most items are on my list for upward of three or four months.

Purchase Pattern and Monetary Allowance

I will make my clothing purchases within the first week of every month, due to the aforementioned list. Between these weeks, I will be on a clothing “No-Buy”. Meaning, I will have one week “on”, and three weeks “off”. The exceptions to this rule will be low supply of limited-edition items, previously mentioned stipulations abiding; and sales. In order to break the purchase pattern for a sale, it must be nearing the end of a month; and the item in question must be next month’s designated or expected purchase. The item may be purchased using the upcoming month’s monetary allowance if these stipulations are met. Clothing purchases may then only be made in the first week of the upcoming month with the difference of a monthly monetary allowance from the exception purchase.

I won’t divulge the exact amount I have allotted for monetary allowance. This amount is being split up into monthly increments as previously mentioned. This is because I am currently saving for something unrelated to beauty. Monthly increments will ensure the aforementioned project is being focused on as well. Next year, I suspect my monetary allowance will be divvied up differently. There will be no exceptions for surpassing the grand monetary allowance. Though I leave wiggle room within the monthly increments. Any difference of unspent allowance can be carried over into the next month. Though the monthly allowance may be surpassed up to a determined undisclosed amount. The difference in surpassed allowance from the monthly allowance will be subtracted from the upcoming month’s allowance. The cardinal to this all being this: The grand monetary allowance must, under no circumstance, be surpassed.

Declutter Cues

A declutter is a healthy occurrence, I think. Though it pertains directly to my end-of-year goal; so is especially pertinent. When and how you’d like to perform one is, of course, up to you. I have determined that an item existing in my wardrobe will be let go for every clothing item bought. A 1-for-1 policy, if you will. Ideally the item let go will be within the same category; to encourage to think through each and every purchase. It forces one to recall the items in one’s wardrobe and be realistic about its functionality within it. In turn, ensuring the functionality of the wardrobe as a whole. This, I consider a “mini-declutter”.

Creating a Beauty Policy|Ardently Ana
De-cluttering can be a tricky business for one who doesn’t enjoy getting rid of anything. Though I think the trick when it comes to clothing, is to declutter whenever you feel a “falling out” with your wardrobe.

I will be perform four larger declutters throughout the year. Preferably around the end of each continental season. This will help me see my wardrobe within its seasonal sections and determine most-used pieces, from fairly-used pieces, from seldom-used pieces.

Regarding the large declutters, I will allow a minimum of two throughout the year. Though I don’t think I want to give any exceptions to the mini-declutters. As I’ve mentioned, this will be an enforcer of my end-of-year goal.

2022 Wardrobe Goal

And my end-of-year goal for 2022? To have less clothing items than I started the year with. All shoe, top, bottom, uni-, outerwear encompassing. I permit hats, scarves, bags and undergarments as exceptions to this project. I so rarely find items I like in these few categories that I don’t believe I am in danger of acquiring too many of them.

My last point in this Creating a Beauty Policy is that I shall have no more than five clothing items in transit to me at any one given moment, (for mine own self). The exception I allot to this is Christmas time. For the best sales generally happen at Christmas time.

Creating a Beauty Policy|Ardently Ana
The pillars of a “Beauty Policy” – Purchase Prerequisite(s), Purchase Pattern, Monetary Allowance, Declutter Cues and your End-of-Year Wardrobe Goal. One should implement a Beauty Policy if one is curating their wardrobe and wanting to do so in a managed way.

And there you have it, my 2022 Beauty Policy. This Policy can relate to makeup, or skincare, or hair-care just as easily as I’m relating it to clothing. I focus on clothing this year because this is the category I feel I need most desperately to streamline. I feel my makeup and skincare are streamlined as is. And see no reason to apply the end-of-year goal or declutter cues to them. Though makeup and skincare do fall under the umbrella of Beauty, therefore parts of my Beauty Policy will apply to these. Such as the monetary allowance, purchase pattern and prerequisites.

I Hope You’ll Be Creating a Beauty Policy!

I would very much like to know if you’ll be Creating a Beauty Policy and what you come up with! Or even if you’ll just be following mine!



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