Determine Your Makeup Style

“Determine Your Makeup Style”

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Determine Your Makeup Style

Every makeup wearer has their “go-to” face or “everyday” makeup application for many different occasions. And as every makeup wearer also knows, this application is catered to the individual’s preferences. Skin type will generally have a play in this. And I would recommend finding your skin type if you’ve not already. Click here to get started on that.

There’s not a “one size fits all” formula to perfect makeup because what works for one may not work for the next. If you’re just starting on your makeup journey or are finding that certain products or application styles are not working for you, I urge you to read on.

What to Consider When Determining Your Makeup Style

There are four things one must consider when determining your makeup style.

1. Skin Type

As aforementioned, skin type is the first. This is important because your skin type will most likely dictate what type of products you gravitate towards. There are four types of Skin Types – Oily, Dry, Normal and Combination. If you need help determining your Skin Type, click here.

Formula & Performance

Skin Type bleeds into and directly correlates to the formula and performance you want. Say you’ve an oily skin type and you want a glossy makeup look with longevity. In order to deliver on longevity, powder is needed. So, you may want to look for a powder highlight; or a liquid highlight that dries down and does not hold its emollient property for long. Though if you’ve a dry skin type, hydration and emollience may be music to your ears. Keep in mind though, products of this nature tend to lack in staying power. It would be best to search for a powder that is not drying, or at least an application that makes it less so.

It is typical to see one’s makeup gear toward what they do not have. You may have dry skin, and thus dislike matte products on yourself. Or you may have oily skin, and thus disdain the “glossy skin” look. Though I think it important not to limit yourself in the type of makeup application you feel is correct via skin type. (The trick to this is to find a skincare regiment that your skin favors.)

2. Color Cosmetics

If you are a fan of color, or indeed just simply want your “perfect nude”, you must consider your skin tone and undertone. Blush, Lipstick and eyeshadow are products that come to mind. In order to find the right tints or shades to a color, your Undertone should be determined. Click here for help in this respect. But of course, use your skin tone as a guideline. If you absolutely love and feel good in a color, wear and utilize it. Complimentary colors have more to do with how they make you feel than general belief. Having a color adopted as your signature color(s) can be crucial to your makeup style.  

3. Application Placement and Style

The application of a product can be a decisive part to your signature makeup style. For me, this is true of blush and eyeshadow, though can also include bronzer, contour, eyebrow product; even mascara. Many enjoy application placement of product that visually enhance and compliment their features. For instance, the complimentary placement of bronzer will differ face shape to face shape. A trick I used when determining the placement of my blush was to observe where I naturally flush on my cheeks. For this, I had to be particularly vigilant because color is not regularly present on my cheeks. Though prior to this, I was placing my blush toward the tops of my cheek bones, where one might generally apply a highlight product. Though this application did not look disagreeable, it was not my preference.

Think of how you may want to apply a product. Would you rather wear a light, blotted lip-stained application or do you enjoy bold lips? Do you prefer a one-and-done, all over the lid eyeshadow application to a multi-faceted one?

4. Preference

Speaking of preference, I believe of all things to consider when determining your makeup style, this is most important. If you do not enjoy something, simply try it another way or scrap it altogether. Also think of which steps in a typical makeup routine you can forego. Personally, this is highlight. I do not care for it as most highlight products are too shiny or glittery for my liking. Though, of course, I have found certain products that lend to my preference if I feel in the mood.

Determine Your Makeup Style

Also consider what features you want to accentuate and highlight; As well as the focal point of your look, as one might the focal point of an outfit. A focal point in my makeup I’ve always been fond of it a bold lip.

Determine Your Makeup Style|Ardently Ana
In past years, I’ve adopted the use of boldly colored lipstick as my “signature” Makeup Style. I prefer deep, dark, “moody” shades to others. I enjoy my complexion to be balanced out with slight coverage, with my eyebrows done and a couple coats of mascara on the eyes. This, I’ve determined, is my Makeup Style.

Determining your makeup style is much more than one might think. To enjoy your makeup is much different feeling to disliking it. And like your wardrobe, your makeup collection can be pivotal in how you take on the day.

I hope this gave you inspiration in how to determine your makeup style! I am not an expert in makeup in any way shape or form. But if you’d like to discuss any part of this further, or exchange views, tips and/or tricks, please feel free to reach out to me!



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