Disconnect January

“Disconnect January”

I hope I find you well.

Disconnect January

As of late regarding social media, I feel as though I have not been. When one is made aware of all the evil in the world, all seemingly at once, one can feel quite submerged. Though, it is necessary to be aware, one cannot deny awareness in the form of social media takes its toll. This year, I partially and unintentionally conducted “Disconnect January”.

The Overwhelm Leading to Disconnect January

It has been jarring to see a post that attempts to show support, compassion and empathy toward a particular group or event. But in the very next slide have commentary on makeup and releases; or even promotions and selfies, all unrelated to aforementioned group or event. It makes me question one’s intention and integrity.

Did you take the time to critically think and emotionally feel? Are you taking the time to read the room that you prepared? I don’t expect someone to post on the issue of the week. I don’t even expect one to post at all. But if one does, one better damn well mean it. There is no room for performative activism in my realm; I simply do not have the capacity for it. Though, I find myself considering the good it can do. For even performative activism calls attention to the issue at hand, right?

Needless to say, being overwhelmed and saddened from all occurring in the world; paired with getting sick for the second time in January, made for sufficient reason to disconnect for a while. Thus, “Disconnect January”.

I’d like to say we need to focus on the good in the world. But that lessens the pain people go through when impacted by others’ inconsideration, hate and violence.

Disconnect January | Ardently Ana

How Do We Navigate It?

It all leaves one wondering how to navigate it.

When thinking of mass violence, the only conclusion I can come to is the world is sick. How can someone have so much hatred it prevents one’s empathy? Essentially stunting one’s humanity. I pray people receive justice and healing; And for it all to cease. Changes must take place. Work must commence.

Though, this conclusion leaves me with a pang of guilt.

I tend to keep my thoughts to myself. Part of my reasoning is I consider myself an extremely private person. It is difficult for me to divulge details of thoughts in general, let alone on the world wide web. Another part of my reasoning is I can usually wrap my head around and find the stem of the talking points of either party. Even if the talking points aren’t made intelligibly or with insight.

The last reason being I am not generally a “front-liner”, for lack of a better word. I am not quick to action, nor am I someone who can easily rally on the turn of a dime. I am prone to emotion and introversion; and am susceptible to any emotions being portrayed in front of me. And am likely to recoil if those emotions are not delivered gently. All this to say, when placed in conflict, more than likely I will take the role of mediator if given the opportunity.

I write this in an attempt to accurately and outwardly relay my thoughts.

Injustice and unfairness are two things that never fail to enrage me. Unfortunately, they run rampant in America’s culture; And it seems the entire world, to varying degrees. I see it, whether intentional or not, in everyday actions and casual conversations. And I am not exempt.

Which is why I’m making a point of practicing and bettering my compassion, sympathy and empathy. As I am intentional in my spending and acquisitions, I want to be intentional in my actions as well. And I feel, if more people practiced and bettered these skills, the world would be much more tolerable.

Disconnect January, Anyone?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed from social media, I want you to know you’re not alone. Daily, both tragic world news and casual, lighthearted content inundate and overstimulate us. I believe I shall be conducting “Disconnect January” on a as-needed basis to counteract the effect. It is OK to take a step back.



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