Find Your Personal Tastes in Vintage Style

“Find Your Personal Tastes in Vintage Style”

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Finding Your Personal Tastes in Vintage Style

When first creating your vintage wardrobe, it is typical to fashion your overall style after an individual(s) that inspires you.

For instance, if you greatly admire Audrey Hepburn, you may find yourself fashioning your style similarly to hers. Though I’ve noticed Audrey’s personal every day style outside of her films tend to be simplistic, in a way. Her silhouettes are not outlandish and her clothing was functional. Timeless, yes, but I might argue this is due to its subdued nature. If not for her elegance and grace, some of her outfits could be determined quite plain. Though I think that adds to the allure of her style. It is subtle and understated, something I feel as though many can relate to.

When taking your inspiration after individuals, sometimes it not specifically just their style that attracts you, but they themselves. The way they conducted themselves in public, and even the way publicity portrayed them. I think it important to ascertain what about someone that influences your fashion sense.

This May Not be the Best Idea

I would like to advise a note of caution on modeling your lifelong wardrobe after another individual. This could be detrimental to the longevity of your wardrobe. For in time, you may decide you no longer care for certain pieces due to their style. But, of course, you run the risk of this anyway, as one’s style and tastes are ever fluid. Though the likelihood of this occurring is slimmer if you build your wardrobe according to your personals likes and tastes. Not others’.

This is a good practice to keep at the forefront of your mind when scrolling through your social media feeds. It is commonplace to get hoodwinked into a purchase when they are based off of recommendations of those you follow. This is especially true when your tastes have not yet been established and/or cemented.

Fashioning Your Vintage Style After an Era

Another frequent method of building one’s wardrobe, I’ve noticed, is basing it after a certain era or decade. Though this is perfectly acceptable, it is important for you to understand the different elements present in the style. Along with the development in and reasoning for the styles flourishing.

Instead, Fashion Your Vintage Style After Your Personal Tastes

What I want to encourage you to do today is pick apart the styles that catch your eye. Which aspects and details of an outfit or style do you particularly like? Hone in on what feels most like you and represents your tastes. Once you’ve determined what your personal tastes are, they can then be developed, and your style, personalized! And if you have the interest in it, the history behind your favored styles!

Many styles, eras and genres have and continue to pique my interests. Though I’ve found these time periods inspire me and influence my style the most: The 1800s, certain decades in the early to mid 1900s and the Elizabethan Era. But what about the trends and styles of these time periods do I specifically like? Take the Elizabethan Era.

There are many reasons I am drawn to the fashion of Elizabeth the First’s time. You have the pomp and grandeur of the silhouettes. Then the eccentric nature of ruffs and the farthingale. One of my favorite trends that originated within this period is the Leg of Mutton sleeve. A statement sleeve is one of my favorite elements in clothing.

Find Your Personal Tastes in Vintage Style|Ardently Ana
An example of a Leg of Mutton sleeve, one of, if not my favorite sleeve to sport. A statement sleeve with elegance.

The clothing of the nobility during this era had a common theme that signified power and influence. The Elizabethan Era, in my mind, upholds a delicate balance. A balance of portraying masculinity through the eccentricity, while maintaining its femininity with delicate, intricate detailing. This, I think, is a pretty spot on definition of Historic Gothic fashion. Much like Gothic Architecture, it is a mix of the feminine and masculine; and can lean to either side you so wish by the tweaks to your outfit in which you take.

These trends are not practical for the modern day, nor widely accepted. Though one can always incorporate moderate nods to this era within contemporary clothing.

Make Your Vintage Style True to You, Based on Your Personal Tastes

So, to you I say,

Determine what elements in specific styles and eras of clothing inspire you.

Find your personal tastes in vintage style.

In doing this, you will ensure your wardrobe is a fair representation of your personal tastes in vintage clothing. After all, you want what you wear to embody your interests and personality traits. Through your personal tastes in vintage style, you want to portray an accurate picture of who you are.




  1. Amber Pabs
    October 21, 2021 / 5:20 pm

    Hi friend! I love this a lot! I love how you stressed how important it is to be inspired by someone or an era, but not to compare or mimic your lifestyle to them. Great advice! Also I’m so happy you are chasing your dreams ❤️

    • Ana
      October 22, 2021 / 9:30 pm

      Hello friend!:))) I thank you! And am very glad that there was a discernible message:3

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