Having a Friend on Your Vintage Style Journey

“Having a Friend on Your Vintage Style Journey”

I hope I find you well!

An Introduction to a Friend on your Personal Vintage Style Journey

I’m Ana! Not too long ago, I made a conscious decision to start my “Vintage Style” journey.

I had an obvious “Style” established before this, but if you were to ask me what that style would be labeled, I’d not have had an answer for you. “I enjoy turtlenecks!”, would probably have been included in the jumbled description. There were, (and still are), a couple of pairs of trousers that I absolutely loved, one cigarette style and the other, wide legged and cinched at the waist. And of course, a couple of sweater skirts that I was very fortunate to come by, (as I’ve found, they very much are not an easy find).

In fact, none of the styles of clothes I enjoyed were easy to come by. My issue, I realized, was that I was not engaging with my right community, or crowd. I was taking inspiration from people and browsing brands that were not of my right niche- The Vintage Inspired Niche.

Finding my specific clothing niche I felt I finally found, I soon realized another thing: I felt as though I was the only person of my age, or even within a 6,000 mile radius, that was interested in vintage and vintage replication clothing. *wink, wink*. I was found wanting of having a friend on my personal vintage style journey.

Engaging in the Vintage Style Journey

-Wanting of having someone to talk with, someone with whom I could share my thoughts that go further than “My, how pretty”.

Now, what if you knew what your personal style was? What if your clothing portrayed your personality? Your clothing tailored to fit you personally? What if every item in your wardrobe made you feel amazing? That, dear friend, is precisely my goal for my own wardrobe.

Not only do I want to enjoy my wardrobe, I want my wardrobe to be an accurate representation of myself; and along the line, I want to make smart choices – the right choices. (Rather, I’d like to know where and who to shop from, and have a solid foundation of the clothing styles I’m interested in.)

Exploring Every Aspect of the Vintage Style Journey

I would argue, not only must one know how to accurately express one’s self, but it is also important to know why one expresses one’s self that way. Once you understand this, you become surer of yourself. Though I’ve not been on my vintage style journey long, I’ve found the more I understand myself, my choices in clothing, in style, and my tastes; the more confident I become.

This is what I’m passionate about: The understanding of one’s self. Understanding how your personal vintage style can portray what a conversation in passing could never tell. The effect that feeling good has on one’s confidence and how that confidence transforms one. How what one chooses to wear is a powerful form of self-expression, and that in order to truly self-express in this way, one must understand the foundation of one’s own inspirations.

This ardent belief not only stems from the way I think vintage style clothing appeals, but the way being dressed in vintage style clothing makes me feel. I do not mind telling you that it makes me feel beautiful. It is also my belief that understanding and knowing your personal vintage style and taste in clothing and makeup will help financially, socially, internally, etc.

Growing in Your Vintage Style Journey

As well as wanting to grow into my personal vintage style, I want to grow into myself; I want who I am to radiate from within me and touch you from across the room. (Perhaps that last bit was a touch dramatic, but hopefully it got the point across.)

At the end of the day I want to be confident in myself and in my choice of clothing-vintage clothing. But where to start? Because it isn’t “How do I become confident in vintage style clothes?”, it is “How do I project my confidence in vintage style clothes outward?”. I’d say this is a Journey of personal Vintage Style, and of Self Discovery, (and of Self Re-Discovery).

Starting the Personal Vintage Style Journey Together

I’ve also come to realize that when on this journey, it can sometimes feel lonely. Not many can find and create friendships easily in a community that seems so few, far and in between. I think it important to have a friend on your personal vintage style journey that is just as invested as you, because having one to talk to about your shared interests, makes the adventure that much more fun.

I write to you not as a master, but as a peer, (who very much likes to do her research and share her findings with her friends). So here starts my journey, (or at least, the continuation of it), and hopefully, yours as well.

Ardently Ana
I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself to you, I’m Ana|Ardently Ana

On this blog, expect to find:

1. How to find and acknowledge your own personal vintage inspiration and style

2. How to curate your vintage style wardrobe, (and why your own curated wardrobe is important)

(Now, these two topics are closely related and merge into one another. A forewarning here friend, it will not happen overnight, or even in weeks. Curating your vintage style and flourishing it to life, if it has not been already, takes quite some time. And the big kicker: Your personal vintage style is always changing, developing and transforming.)

3. How your vintage clothing, accessories, makeup, etc., speak to your confidence, and then how to harness and direct that confidence outward.-

With the added bonus of dabbling in beauty here and there.

Not only do I hope to help those of you who feel as though you’re headed in the same direction, but that you feel as though you have a friend along with you on this journey; and that a real friendship is being forged.



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