Inspirations of Your Personal Style

“Inspirations of Your Personal Style”

I hope I find you well!

Inspirations of Your Personal Style

Your personal style is an integral part of self-expression. Understanding your personal style, (while not restricted to), can portray an accurate representation of yourself and convey your nuances.

Isolate and Understand

I enjoy approaching the cultivation of one’s personal style by first isolating and understanding one’s inspirations. Understanding your inspiration provides a more in-depth backboard from which to develop your personal style. I find that many of my inspirations tend to also be core interests of mine; and sometimes even hobbies in which I consider myself an enthusiast.

The beginning of your personal style journey is a chance to highlight your favorite personal traits. In some instances, it can outwardly seem as though you’re reinventing yourself. But in fact you’re pushing forward aspects that are unknown to the general public.

Questions to Determine Inspirations of Your Personal Style

This is a time to evaluate what exposures have influenced your tastes and preferences in style. Here are some questions to help determine which exposures to evaluate.

  • Who do you admire in your personal life with which you have/had a relationship?
  • What about this person do you admire?
  • Who do you admire of which you’ve never met?
  • What about this person do you admire?
  • If any, what movies did you watch as a child?

-Is there anything in these movies that may be influencing your style?

  • If any, what books did you read as a child?
  • What were your hobbies and interests when you were growing up? (Scrap-booking, drawing, reading, surfing, etc.)
  • Are there any moments that you remember admiring when you were growing up? Anything that inspired you to be creative or to acquire it?
  • To which styles are you drawn?
  • In what styles and/or cuts do you currently feel best?

If at all possible, I might suggest combining these styles. In doing this, you make a style all your own.

Inspirations of Your Personal Style | Ardently Ana
A forefront inspiration of mine is has long been the Tudor and Victorian Eras. The floral patterns associated with these eras also tend to be among my favorites. This vest’s pattern is suggestive of those patterns. Not to mention the jacquard pattern of which it’s made of. (I find that pairing this particular type of floral pattern with stripe is cause for inspiration in and of itself! The pairing is daring, while the two components separate wouldn’t necessarily suggest this.)

Other Inspirations

But there are other types of inspiration I think are important to consider. Such as the kind of person you aspire to be. How do you want to be perceived? Your clothes have a part to play in perception and impression. Think of how you want to present yourself regarding mannerisms and behavior. A good point to keep in mind is this can change in relation to your environment. Though it would be ideal to determine fast characteristics or adjectives to ensure the foundation of your personal style.

What characteristics do you want to portray?

Prevention of Cultivation

Now, think of hindrances that may have delayed the progression of your personal style. What environment did you grow up in? I ask this because I had a thought. “Why is my personal style so different from how I dressed when I was little? And why had I not gotten a real grasp on my personal style before now?” Growing up and/or living in environments that didn’t encourage your personal expression could have a big part to play in the way you dress(ed) and any hesitance you might harbor.

Inspirations of Your Personal Style

A well-rounded personal style should be able to portray you in a light in which you feel comfortable and confident. Both of these concepts may need development. Though, the fruit of your labor is a personal style that represents and portrays you to your liking.

Take the time to dig into your interests and inspirations; evaluate. Find out what makes you tick. Then determine how they impact your style and incorporate them how you see fit. I firmly believe being able to unpack your personal style and isolate your inspirations will keep you honest. (In the sense of incorporating aspects you admire as opposed to adopting entirely, to the point of which you are no longer represented.)

I’d be very interested to hear about your findings!



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