It is OK to Mix Vintage and Contemporary Clothing

“It Is OK to Mix Vintage and Contemporary Clothing”

I hope I find you well!

The Vintage to Contemporary Clothing Ratio

Your dilemma: You enjoy both Vintage style clothing and Contemporary.

I am here to reassure you that it is perfectly acceptable, to utilize both types of clothing in your wardrobe.

You are not an imposter, fraud or flimflam-er. You are simply navigating the balance between the two. What is important is that your wardrobe represent you; Not your favorite film star, you. (Though it is 100% acceptable if it does.) And if you enjoy a bit of modernity every now and then, or if you find you prefer completely vintage, or a perfect balance of the two, or even if you prefer more modern than vintage clothing in your wardrobe; Then so be it. We as humans are multi-faceted, and I believe you should have that same mindset when cultivating your wardrobe.

Another reason you might have a fair amount of modern clothes in your dresser be that you are still in the process of curating your wardrobe. You’ve not fully transitioned into the styles that speak to you, or represent your personal tastes. This is a threshold we must all pass. This phase of your wardrobe might span over the course of a few years even.

Acknowledging the Practicality in Your Contemporary Clothing

This phase happens to be where I currently stand in my vintage clothing cultivation. I have a fair amount of contemporary clothing. I own still a fair number of pairs of jeans, and truthfully, can’t see a time in the near future where I’ll be giving them up. They are functional for every day wear. Say going to a friend’s house, or using when you have to get a little dirty. (Everyone should have a set of play clothes they don’t mind getting a bit mangled.)

But more than finding jeans functional, I also feel comfortable in them. If on some days I want to be more casual than my vintage clothing allows me, it’s nice to have the option.

Perhaps You Find it Difficult to Acquire Certain Vintage Styles?

I also feel as though the transition to all-things-vintage, (if that be your goal), is going to take time because you can be inclined to one particular clothing article. Whether it be bottoms or tops. I’ve found that it is much easier for me to make blouse or dress purchases. Though a bit harder for me to pull the trigger on pants and bottoms. I couldn’t tell you if that’s because I’m very particular about the fit of my trousers and pants, or if I find the bottom half of the body less appealing to shop for. Whichever the reason, (or perhaps both), I can tell you that I personally find myself lacking in vintage style bottoms.

Mix Your Vintage and Contemporary Clothing in Outfits

My solution to this? Being comfortable in combining the two styles of dress. A vintage blouse with contemporary jeans is not a terrible look, and can be an alternative to an outright vintage outfit when the circumstances call for a more casual approach. Of course, “casual” being in the eye of the beholder. A good trick I find handy, is pairing any business casual bottom you may have with a vintage style top. I find that business casual and vintage style often overlap; and I admit, can indeed be interchangeable.

Another trick I enjoy using is wearing contemporary pieces with a vintage influence! I feel as though this is most used approach to my clothing, as it is quite hard to find authentic vintage pieces where I live. These types of pieces are very similar to vintage replica clothing, and are arguably the same thing!

It Is OK to Mix Vintage and Contemporary Clothing|Ardently Ana
This particular dress mixes vintage with contemporary style within itself. The dress itself is a modern day piece, manufactured within this age. Whereas the style and details of the dress are reminiscent of vintage clothing. And might I add, could have probably passed as such if the lace was a bit more ivory colored!

It’s OK to Mix Vintage and Contemporary Clothing!

I must reiterate to you that whatever leg of vintage curation and of the Personal Vintage Style Journey you find yourself in, it is OK to mix vintage with contemporary clothing in your wardrobe. If you are comfortable with your vintage to modern clothing ratio, then three cheers to you!

If you have not accomplished all that you’ve set for and have more work to do in acquiring vintage and vintage replica pieces, then keep in mind, that is part of the journey that is vintage style. It will not happen overnight. Indeed, it may take years as you wait for that perfect piece to be unearthed or created. Though I find this the most rewarding part! And eventually, the goal will be achieved!

Remember: It is OK to mix vintage and contemporary clothing!



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