Makeup Purchase Guidelines

Makeup Purchase Guidelines

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Makeup Purchase Guidelines

The topic of makeup and how one as a beauty lover consumes it has been heavy on my mind. The yearn for the latest and/or greatest always seems to be a prominent factor in the allure of makeup. Though this viewpoint means one ends up with more product than one could ever use. Not to mention that literal price at which that comes. I’ve decided I’d like to take a concerted approach to my makeup collection and my outlook on new makeup releases. To aid in this goal, I’ve created my Makeup Purchase Guidelines.

Evaluate Your Relationship with Makeup

I tend not to impulsively purchase makeup for a few reasons. The first and second being my lack of confidence in my color-cosmetic-determining and shade-matching abilities. I have determined I have a cool-olive undertone with nuances of which I have yet to truly grasp. I find olive complexion products tend to lean warm; so, I am a bit hesitant when it comes to making online purchases because almost, if not all “olive” shades do not fit the bill. With that comes uncertainty of what colors pair best with my undertone.

The third reason I don’t commit to makeup purchases as often as my mind entertains is that I find makeup tends to be a constant. It’s true; we see brands going out of business and favorite products discontinued. Though on the whole, makeup is more likely to be restocked and carried by a brand long-term. This puts to rest the scarcity mindset that can take hold. One can then approach the question of acquisition with an impartial, stable head.

It is important you evaluate how you consume makeup so you better grasp what your goals are. My goal is to more consciously understand my preferences in makeup products. This will help me in pairing down my wishlist and ensuring I do not acquire pieces I will not use.

Makeup Purchase Guidelines

This is a two part purchase plan; determining whether the purchase of this product is practical and then actually considering all of the product’s moving parts to permit purchase. Of course, if a product does not pass phase one of the Makeup Purchase guidelines, analyze and place it on a wishlist. So, I suppose the phases are interchangeable! For sake of continuity, I shall be listing and referring to them in order.

Part one is so important because we are inundated with excess on social media; individuals showcasing comparisons of product within their own makeup collections. Some of which they’ve not purchased themselves. Purchasing every latest and greatest release is not sustainable in the long run for the average person’s, (of which I identify), financial situation and environment.

Makeup Purchase Guidelines – Phase One: Practicality

These questions beg the answers to decipher whether this is a logical purchase.

1. Why do I want it?

A reason you may want a particular product could be it’s association with a brand, person or conveyance; regardless of usefulness or logic. The status of a brand or person attached to the product could hold sway. You may enjoy the time period with which this product is associated. It is all marketing.

Another reason may be packaging. Many times, I find I am initially drawn to the component of a product as opposed to the actual product within. Though in my personal opinion, packaging is just as important as product, (more on that later). Though if the component is holding a color I immediately dislike, I can discern I shouldn’t give the product any further thought. Or, as I usually end up doing, you can check the rest of the line for a more agreeable color or shade. To counter this impulse, if desired, one should then ask themselves:

2. Do I already have it?

The line of thinking being you do not need multiples of the same product, (even if they look different). In striving for mindfulness, I try not to purchase a product the performs and/or shows similarly, if not the same, to one I already own. There can be grey area when it comes to color cosmetics or preference of formula in regard to event or season. Take, for instance, a red colored lipstick. I enjoy bright reds all the way through to deep reds. Perhaps you enjoy both a shiny and matter effect; and would like both to be present in your makeup collection. Subtle nuances are the deciding factor for most. (And I am not encouraging minimalism, but mindfulness; so, personalize these questions to align with your values and parameters.)

3. Will I use it?

Say you’ve a product that passes the first and second guidelines; and you even want it because you don’t have it. Take time to consider that perhaps the reason you don’t have it in the first place is because you’ve no need for it. Another scenario could be you want a product from a brand you love because it’s trendy at the moment and you enjoy the effect when seen on others. Though, you’ve had a sample of it or something similar before and you didn’t care for how it looked on yourself. I think it safe to assume you will get little to no use from it. If this is the case, there is no point in making that purchase.

Makeup Purchase Guidelines | Ardently Ana
Here we have a line-up of all the shades of red lipstick in my makeup collection. Chosen based on my preferred formula, effect and component in lipstick. I feel as though I’ve a fair range of undertone and hue in this selection; as well as a slight variation in formula. Lipstick is one of my favorite steps in application so, I enjoy and value having the same color in multiple variations.

Makeup Purchase Guidelines – Part Two: Nuance

These are the moving parts of a product that need analysis to determine whether it will perform to your liking.

1. Undertone

It is now time to analyze the undertone of the colors and shades you’ve quickly determined are to your liking. Essentially, you’re ensuring the undertone of the product conveys the way you want when placed on your skin. If looking for products that best compliment you, you should also be acquainted with your skin tone and undertone. Check out my post on finding your undertone if you need help, here.

2. Formula

Analyzing the formula of a product helps to determine whether you will like how the product feels and sits on your skin. Some things to consider are the coverage; the method best applied with, (fingers, brush, sponge, etc.); the effect it gives, (matte, dewy, etc.); the form in which the product comes, (liquid, powder, cream, etc.); and the longevity, or wear time, of the product. It is important to note that some aspects will have to be compromised depending on your preferences. For instance, if you enjoy a dewy finish the compromise of wear time will have to be made. Check out my post on finding your skin type if you need help, here.

3. Construction

Construction of a product is probably my favorite aspect to analyze of a product. First and foremost, (though admittedly, more of a necessity), a component should be easy to use This means all of the product within should be easily accessible or dispensed. As well as easy to handle. Handling an item that is hard to grip or use would be frustrating. And my favorite part; analyzing the material of the component and details. My preference is glass components. Though a sturdy, substantial plastic at the very least. Details I like to look for are eye-catching patterns or designs on the component and it’s color. A good example of this is the Dolce&Gabbana Solar Glow Illuminating Powder Duo. Without even seeing the product within, I instinctively want to acquire it. Of course, these standards are based on your personal preference!

Makeup Purchase Guidelines

A gentle but important remind to determine your values and parameters before engaging in any form of shopping! (Also, depending on those values and parameters, perhaps some of these questions prove unhelpful as you are unable to relate.)

The implementation and practice of these Makeup Purchase Guidelines will make for a curated makeup collection to your preferences and taste. Though in a world where we are constantly encountering marketing and messaging enticing one to spend, it will also aid in budgeting; ensuring you aren’t spending beyond your means.

I hope you’ve found these Makeup Purchase Guidelines helpful. And let me know of points you enjoy considering when purchasing makeup and beauty products!



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