Minimalist and Maximalist

“Minimalist and Maximalist”

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Minimalist and Maximalist

The internal battle of Minimalist and Maximalist. A concept that I only recently started putting thought toward. I hadn’t acknowledged my love of optimizing color and space until a few months after I started my personal style journey in October of 2020. Prior to that, my interest for maximalism had only expressed itself through preference of decorum, architecture and spatial organization. Also prior to my personal style journey, I had generally considered myself a minimalist in clothing. My wardrobe had lack of pattern, and what little pattern existed was simple; Solid blocks of color and an absence of diversity.

Jumping to late 2020, I came across a dress that sparked a yearning; A yearn of pattern and of color to be injected into my wardrobe. I felt as though everything I enjoy in decorum and style had been bundled into this one garment. The sighting of this dress was so profound that it quite literally made me rethink my entire wardrobe and presence.

The dress in question?

Minimalist and Maximalist|Ardently Ana
The Menagerie Dress, Season AW ’21-’22, by Designer Lena Hoschek. One of the most awe inspiring garments I’ve laid my eyes upon yet. A pattern of striking primary colored foliage against an eggnog background accented with black. A few key elements I appreciate most in clothing. Did I mention it has pockets?!

Why Choose?

If I am so plainly drawn to pattern, why is there a lack of representation? If I so obviously enjoy (the right) color(s), why is there so little? And if I am to go down this road of color and pattern, can I no longer wear my minimal natured pieces?

There are two struggles playing out in this situation. My maximalist and minimalist tendencies fighting to reign. As well as my primary personal style as what I have known of it thus far, and what it is developing to become. What I’ve not realized until recently, is that one can be both. Both minimal and maximal can coexist. There is no reason to pick one over the other or put oneself into a box.

The appeal of the two? I believe my desire for representation is sophistication and elegance. Simple and minimal pieces bring forth an uncomplicated air with little need for fuss; Whereas a refined pattern brings about a certain poise in oneself.

Embrace Minimalist and Maximalist

I think it wise to recognize that one’s day to day style should morph with one’s mood, (while staying true to you). Dress for comfort. And not comfort in the mobile sense, but comfort of self. Allow your style to be just as fluid as your emotions. Claim and engage more than just one category of style. Personal style demands that you be true to yourself. Not many people have just one style preference. In fact, I think you’ll find it much more rare.

Your personal style should be just as multifaceted as you are. It is not a battle of versus, as we are not trying to pick one over the other. But a game of coexistence. Your preferences must coexist in order for your personal style to take flight. Ideally, your personal style reflects you, your taste, preferences and interests. So, if you enjoy maximalism and minimalism, you should embrace both. Accept and implement all your moving parts.

I recall a quote by Walt Whitman, cited by one of my favorite content creators in a video touching this very topic:

“Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself. I am large, I contain multitudes.”

In accepting your maximalist and minimalist tendencies and allowing them synchronize, a deeper lesson might be found. 



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