My Favorite Foundation

“My Favorite Foundation”

I hope I find you well!

First thing is first: Please note that these are my personal observations and opinion. And my opinion comes from the viewpoint of a dabbling makeup enthusiast with no professional training or experience. This is an unsponsored post. I also bought this product myself. Now, on with the show!

My Favorite Foundation

For many reasons, of which I will divulge further in this post, the Seamless Skin Foundation by Lisa Eldridge is my favorite foundation I’ve come across to date.

The Claimed Performance

The intended performance of Lisa’s foundation pulled directly from her website is as follows:

“This intelligently formulated, skin friendly foundation has a customizable medium coverage that can be dialed up or down. Self setting, it blends effortlessly to smooth and unify skin with a noticeable soft focus effect. The formula contains a natural mesh-like ingredient which completely fuses with skin after blending. The final finish is neither dewy or flat matte but something skin-like and in between.”

The website then goes on to say that the foundation is: “Best applied sparingly in thin layers, start by smoothing a small amount in to the skin. Build to your desired level of enhanced perfection. Can also be used for just concealing and correcting small areas of the face.”

It also indicates that the product is “Fragrance, alcohol and talc free. Suitable for sensitive skin.”

My Skin Type

My skin, I believe, is a combination skin type. (If you’d like to know why I believe finding your skin type is important, click here.) The forehead and outer perimeter going downward til right before my chin starts, including most of the surface area of my cheeks, are what I would consider “dry”. My nose and the close surrounding areas of it, as well as my chin, tend to be “oily”. Producing a noticeable amount of oil as the day goes on. I describe this as my (lower case) “l” zone, as opposed to a “T” zone of oil. I prefer this “l” zone to be powdered, to lessen the effect the oil may have otherwise. Though still enjoy an overall satin to glowy complexion.

I also have many sun-acquired spots and freckles, (left over pigment), from a time of play in the sun whilst unprotected by SPF. My skin is also prone to hyper-pigmentation from the occasional blemish and almost certain picking of it. You can also find some discoloration of my skin around my mouth and on my chin.  

Thus, when looking for a foundation, I merely want something that will lessen the effect of concentrated saturation in any one area, evening out my skin’s tone. I tend not to gear toward build-ability. I enjoy applying one pump of the product and spreading it out. The nature of this application technique is light (to medium) coverage. I want an even, healthy, hydrated complexion. And I believe I’ve found that in Lisa Eldridge’s Seamless Skin.

The Perceived Performance

I do find that I agree with the finish being “skin-like”, in between dewy and matte. Though Lisa suggests using a flat foundation brush for best application, I apply this foundation with my fingers in both tapping and smoothing motions. With one pump, I concentrate the majority of coverage in the middle of my face, (from the nose, outward); as well as on my chin, around my mouth and under my eyes. This application makes for a natural complexion. Freckles and spots can be seen, though their impact lessened; with any unevenness around the mouth and on the chin diminished.

 I then set the center of my face with a light powder to ensure it doesn’t “move”. As the day goes by, I notice that I will produce oil, as one does. Though, to my delight, this Foundation conveys the oil produced almost as a glow. I do not care for the “dewy”, “glass” skin effect on myself, and indeed that is not the effect I speak of. I find that I’ll procure a “glow from within” effect later in the day. (Which I’ve come to be very fond of, considering I don’t much care for a strong highlight.) All without looking oily or greasy. I believe any foundation directly on my nose eventually tends to “separate”. But with Seamless Skin, it breaks down in such a way that the coverage still looks tasteful and intentional.

Pictured below is the foundation after 30 minutes to an hour of application. If you’d like a glimpse of the foundation after 7 hours of wear, head to my Instagram profile, (handle: ardentlyana), and swipe to the last slide of this Blog Post’s corresponding post.

My Favorite Foundation|Ardently Ana
I enjoy this foundation because it truly lives up to its name: Seamless Skin. As though I’ve not applied foundation!

I find wearing my glasses will disrupt product where the nose pads rest. Mending the disrupted areas can be difficult. Though I’m sure a different application style would prevent this from happening. One can always bring the component along with them in case the need of a touch up should arise. I also find that the endurance of the foundation when beneath a mask is not the best. Though again, this is due to user error.

I’d also like to mention that I apply moisturizer and sunscreen as my primer. Ensuring the “emollience” of the product.

My Shade

I am shade No. 9 in Lisa’s Seamless Skin Foundation. I would like to applaud olive tone being included upon release. To have olive toned skin is to have a hue of green found throughout your complexion. (You can read more on the olive “sub-tone”, as I like to call it, here.) It is uncommon to find an olive selection in a complexion product. Though, even more uncommon is a brand having an olive selection right from the “go”. Being olive toned myself, I know all too well the disappointment that comes from one’s nuances being disregarded.

And to the sheer range of shades that were released, another round of applause! Though, I would expect nothing less from the experienced Professional Makeup Artist and Makeup History lover that she is.

The Component

Regarding Seamless Skin’s component, I believe I recall Lisa mentioning in her release video that she wanted the component to be unique; a work of art. And indeed, its pod-like structure and substantial presence when in hand seems very statuesque. Lisa designed the component to lay flat on its side. Further lending to its uniqueness. The gold hardware and lettering with the black accent on the inner cap make for an all-around pleasing capsule to behold.

My Favorite Foundation|Ardently Ana
The component, in all its glory.


The only critiques I might give is that I’d like the pump to have a little more “give”. It can be tricky to control the amount of product that comes out of the pump. Admittedly, there is not much product that comes out to begin with. Though, I still find myself wishing there was less without the need of concentration and finesse. There is a specific pump I have in mind when I think of rectifying this, but to avoid comparing brand with brand, I will refrain. The other suggestion I’d like to make is having a lighter shade of Olive-toned foundation. Shade No. 9 is the lightest. And though it is the best match I’ve ever come across, it is still a smidge too deep for my liking. So, in short, I’d like a more malleable pump and an extension of Olive-toned shades.

My Favorite Foundation

Seamless Skin Foundation is my ideal foundation product in most regards. The performance and presentation both point to a product of excellent quality. In fact, the performance and experience of Seamless Skin has deterred me from purchasing other foundations that have piqued my interest; as well as using the many foundations I acquired previously. Aiding in my goal of intentional, mindful consumption and mindset of “fewer, nicer things”- my Quest for Quality!

In conclusion, Lisa Eldridge’s Seamless Skin Foundation is a win for thoughtfulness, consideration and quality in the Makeup industry. And though I’ve not the trained sense for the intellect of my favorite foundation, it too can be appreciated.

If you’ve tried the Seamless Skin Foundation, I’d love to know your thoughts! And if not, I’d be interested to know what your favorite foundation is and why. Especially if you’ve an Olive tone to your skin!



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