My Three Month No-Buy

“My Three Month No-Buy”

I hope I find you well!

The Reason I Embarked on a Three Month No-Buy

Toward the beginning of 2022 I entertained the idea of embarking on a short term No-Buy. A few months had gone by without serious deliberation. That is, until I came across the forthcoming Lena Hoschek ’22-’23 Autumn/Winter Collection; One of, if not my all-time favorite designer. Up until that point I had been adhering to an annual budget that I’d divvied by month. As her pieces are a luxury for me, the only way I could acquire the pieces I desire was by successfully completing a No-Buy. You can read details and rules of my Three Month No-Buy, here.

My Relationship with Shopping

I think it important to mention that I do not believe I have a “problem” with shopping or spending money; and am nowhere near able to consider myself a shopping addict. I gravely dislike spending money and seeing the amount in my account wane. Though, what I do love is the ritual of cultivating my wardrobe; analyzing pieces and their likeness to my personal tastes; the sensation a piece might strike when it catches mine eye and the act of analyzing it to soundly determine if I do in fact want it; if it aligns with my personal style, standards and guidelines. Then the act of placing it on my wishlist to analyze it further; then acquiring that piece once it has passed the test of time.

I enjoy acquiring pieces that accurately express my tastes, personality and interests. My personal style is quite possibly my favorite way to express myself.

My Three Month No-Buy

All this to say, I enjoy owning a curated wardrobe, but I do not enjoy the cost owning one implies. To acquire the pieces I desire, I deemed an accumulation of three monthly budgets necessary. Thus, my Three Month No-Buy was born.

It begun on the first of June and spanned til the end of August. I’d given myself three exceptions, one for each month and hoped that it’d correlate as such. Though, I ended up using those three exceptions within the month of June. In retrospect, I spent the beginning of my No-Buy panic-buying. But as all my graces had been used within the first third, the last 2/3 was spent in a true No-Buy. I had not purchased one frivolity in July or August.

There is some debate on the difference between a Low-Buy and a No-Buy and their constituents. I am leaning toward the view that I had, in fact, planned a Low-Buy and named it “No-Buy”. Though, I do agree a No-Buy is extremely personal and should be realistic. To read more of what a No-Buy is and how to plan one, click here. In hindsight, I am glad my exceptions had been used within that first month; as it gave me the opportunity to experience a No-Buy in it’s truest form.


Though, I do feel compelled to let you know that I did receive PR during this time. Though all items received were makeup. And thus I do not see this as a breach of my No-Buy. Though my three month No-Buy was in regard to makeup and clothing, I do not see makeup and beauty products as a “problem” area for me. In my experience, makeup is more of a constant than clothing. I’ve realized that urgency, especially in relation to the particular pieces that catch my eye, has a big part to play in spending. Essentially, makeup is less of a vice compared to clothing.

My Three Month No-Buy | Ardently Ana
This picture embodies both the thought of thinking that a No-Buy is a reasonably easy process and celebration of completing such a task. Embarking on a No-Buy is such a great way to put a stop to unwanted habits that are resurfacing and forming; and implementing an approach of intention.

The Lesson Reiterated by My Three Month No-Buy

Something that was made plain to me once again was that wish-listing might be the most effective weapon one holds in their low to no-buy arsenal. If one has a minimum wait time placed on their wishlist, it allows one to revisit and more efficiently analyze a piece with a clear head. It tests one’s determination. Will it ween, or prevail?

Within this time, I have also realized that intention and mindfulness play key parts in the curation of personal style. In order to stay true to your personal style, one must go through the process of asking the pillar questions and frequently revisiting one’s style inspirations. If needing to do the work of determining your style inspirations, click here. And if you’d like to know the pillar questions one should ask oneself before clothing purchases, click here

The Effect of My Three Month No-Buy

I feel the effect my No-Buy has had on me. As I write this, it is the fifth of September and I have not yet purchased anything. The primary reason for this being the pieces I’ve been saving for haven’t yet been released. This, paired with the fact that any deviation from the planned pieces will result in my going over my annual budget I set myself at the beginning of 2022.

I also made considerable compromises to my wishlist. At the beginning of my No-Buy, I had a particular suit in mind amongst the desired pieces; that of which pushed me over annual budget. And I had been content on going over budget if it meant acquiring those pieces. Though, in August I had noticed a similar, less costly suit and after serious deliberation, decided it would suffice.

How I Will Be Moving Forward

Though I consider myself an intentional consumer, I’d like to carry what I’ve learned from this experience with me further. My three month No-Buy has compelled me to finally execute a soft declutter of my wardrobe. As I wasn’t making any clothing purchases, I was forced to interact with all I have. AKA the contents of my last declutter of which I had not rid myself three years ago. I would like to approach my wardrobe declutters in stride. This will ensure I’m not overwhelmed and that I appropriately consider each piece.

I want a curated wardrobe that serves me. To achieve this, I will be continuing the use of my Clothing Purchase Guidelines, as well as including declutters as a regular part of this process. Or at the very least once every six months.

I also want to have periodic No-Buys placed sporadically throughout the coming year. This will hopefully allow me to rest when necessary. Which leads me to my 2023 Wardrobe Project, that of which I will not yet be divulging. But until then, remember to call upon your product values when heading a purchase! (Currently, mine are self-expression, practicality and longevity.)

My Three Month No-Buy

Successfully completing My Three Month No-Buy was much more rewarding than I thought it’d be. Not only do I now have the means to acquire the pieces I desire, but I have also strengthened my muscles of self-discipline and restraint; which only enforces my will of intention.

Tell me, if you’ve endured a No-Buy, how did it go?! What was your experience? And if you are considering a No-Buy, please feel free to reach out on the subject if you have any questions or concerns!



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