New Year Goals

“New Year Goals”

I hope I find you well!

I write this on the first of January and have recently been thinking about my goals I’d like to achieve; new habits I’d like to implement and the overall direction of my content. In that light, I think I’ll take this opportunity to write a post that’s a bit more personal. A well-rounded journal entry of sorts, if you will, touching on my style, wardrobe/fashion, beauty and life.

Style New Year Goals

When it comes to fashion and my personal tastes and wardrobe, I believe I’ve been running out of steam. Not in a sense that I no longer care for fashion, but more so that I’ve been more inspired by other facets recently. My sense of style has changed quite a bit since the beginning of my personal style journey. I began thinking my personal style was of a minimalist nature. Not true.

I do enjoy certain simple, timeless pieces very much, (such as an oversized sweater, or a turtleneck); But I also have a love for busy patterns, heavy texture and historical cuts. Tapestry and quilted fabrics with Tudor-esque patterns might be my favorite. I’ve found there is a Gothic aspect to my personal style. Not the “clad in black and silver spike” Gothic, (though black is my favorite colorway), but in a true 12th Century Gothic Architecture sense, even Victorian/Edwardian leaning. I also enjoy 18th century French influences. And most recently, have found a taste for Austrian inspired styles as well. And of course, there are the 20th century cuts in the 40’s and 50’s that are my favorite for the day to day.


All this to summarize what my personal style has developed into. Regarding my fashion and wardrobe goals, I’d like to cut back on the craze for every new release; to cut back on spending. I want to revise and utilize my Shopping Plan, and strictly adhere to it. I’d like to pare down and get rid of pieces that get little and/or serve no purpose. And in the spirit of paring down, I want to look into a capsule wardrobe style of storing clothes. I want my fashion purchase to be well thought out, informed choices; And I want to have a return on my investment in pleasure and confidence, as well as durability.

Last year, I focused on developing my personal style. This involved finding my interests and how they correlate to the way I’d like to dress to express my personality. This year, I’d like to evaluate my wardrobe’s overall cohesiveness, as well as the value of each individual piece. I’d also like to appreciate what I currently have, as opposed to constantly and consciously hunting for pieces I want. The latter mind-frame doesn’t give me a chance to get joy or pleasure from any one piece. This in turn guarantees a worn sense of creativity, as well as a detachment from the pieces I own; leading to a disinterest in my wardrobe.

Beauty New Year Goals

Now, as of recent it seems my inspiration has been rooted in beauty and cosmetics. I’ve been wanting to play with makeup, create, in my eye, beautiful looks to enhance my confidence. Makeup looks of a “natural” and simple nature have been my makeup muse. Though I still very much enjoy dark, moody colors such as plums and brick reds incorporated into grungy eye looks. I’ve not had much interest in base products in the past but I feel a change in this regard. I also have an interest in nail polish and nail art, and could be considered a hobbyist.

This year, I’d like to take a deep dive into color theory. (I’ve just recently found out I am olive undertoned.) So, my foremost mission regarding beauty is finding color cosmetics in every category of the face that work well with my particular complexion and undertone. I’d also like to specifically find a good concealer; as well as the perfect single shadow for a golden champagne eye look. Though even more important, finding the combination of product and application that give me my “perfect base”.

New Year Goals | Ardently Ana
Me, looking pensive, in my favorite dress; blurred. Fitting for this post, as the year is new and one knows not the outcome of their efforts in achieving one’s goals.

Life New Year Goals


I started a new job in August of last year, and it was a complete 180 from what I’d been doing prior. So, professionally, I’d like to really get acquainted with my new position and in time, master it. I’ve not been working out recently, (but have in the past), and thought it might be worth mentioning that I’d like to implement habits of an active nature. My new job doesn’t provide much opportunity for movement, so it will have to be achieved on my own time.


When it comes to my content here on the internet, I’d like to start encompassing the different facets of my inspiration, as opposed to just vintage style and clothing. Makeup, as well as the more detail-oriented parts of my interests will be making more frequent appearances. I’d like the content I produce to be more well-rounded and multifaceted. For people naturally have many interests and inspirations. This inclusion of other categories in my content will be accompanied by a revision of my menu of my blog. Though I am not quite sure when I’ll get to it.


My love life is sacred, the most important to me. It is my first and foremost inspiration and priority in life. As such, I will not be sharing it online, but mention it now to be transparent.

My overall personal goal regarding non-content related things is to be more intentional and aware/considerate. I want to be intentional and aware of what I say and of the impact it might have. The same in regard to my actions.

I believe any time is the right time to start new goals or habits. I’ve never been one to put any real thought into my New Year goals. Though I’ve recently found that reflection and thought, and expressing them, have become more engaging for me in the past couple years. It helps bring a sense of clarity, purpose and achievement to one’s life. I completely understand if goal setting is not in your nature, for it only recently has been part of mine. The hardest part of goal setting, I find, is being conscious of when you are falling short of your goals and why; Then, the correction of that behavior. Though I think it worth the trouble once habits have been amended and goals achieved.

I’d love to know what goals and habits you’d like to achieve and implement! If you feel so inclined, please do share!

And with that, I bid you adieu. Happy New Year!



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