October Movie Marathon

“October Movie Marathon”

I hope I find you well!

October Movie Marathon

October is the start of Holiday season, of which begins with eccentric oddities and embracement of one’s own queerness, that of others and the eccentricity of the environment and circumstances wherein one finds themself. This is the mood with which I like to engage throughout October; and the trend can be found in this October Movie Marathon selection.

Watching movies is one of my favorite past times. Similar to reading a book, watching a movie can so easily transport you into a different era, a different world, a different perspective. It can also provide comfort on days when one feels the need for it.

As I’ve done every October since 2020, I’ve curated a list of 31 movies with one to watch for every evening in the month of October. There are a standard few that never leave rotation. Though, this year’s selection is particularly curated with the theme of eccentric oddity, the embracement and acceptance thereof in mind.

Commence October Movie Marathon

And so, the scheduled programming for your viewing pleasure is as follows:

October 1st: Hocus Pocus

A skeptic boy finds himself in a situation where eccentricity abounds. Will he rise to the challenge?

October 2nd: Hocus Pocus 2

Hocus Pocus 2 has not yet been released, thus I am unaware of how it ties in with the theme. But I am looking forward to watching!

October 3rd: Labyrinth

A girl makes a wish she does not mean. Along the way to rectifying her misjudgment, she also discovers what it most important.

October 4th: Corpse Bride

A man finds himself unintentionally engaged to the wrong woman -and amongst the dead. Sacrifices must be made on both sides.

October 5th: The Wizard of Oz

A girl finds herself in an unfamiliar world. Along the journey home, she meets friend and foe alike.

October 6th: Shrek

A cursed princess is saved. Her unexpected rescuer helps her find love in more ways than one.

October 7th: Shrek 2

The unassuming knight in armor tries to become all he is not. His princess strives to show him he is everything and more.

October 8th: Spirited Away

A girl finds herself in a strange world. She must find her confidence and way back.

October 9th: Coraline

A girl, an eccentric world and the perilous journey home.

October 10th: Red Riding Hood

A girl and her village are harried by a monster. Though the monster may be much closer to home than she realizes.

October 11th: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

An unassuming Hobbit finds himself on an unexpected journey.

October 12th: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

The unexpected journey continues.

October 13th: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

Does the Hobbit rise to the challenge?

October 14th: Kiki’s Delivery Service

In truth, I’ve not yet watched this title. But from what I gather: A teenage witch comes of age. She has an important decision to make.

October 15th: Van Helsing

Gifted at defeating creatures of the night and unable to recall any details from his past. Van Helsing has an encounter that reveals all.

October Movie Marathon | Ardently Ana
A particular motion picture in this October Movie Marathon that brings forth a sense of nostalgia and mysticism.

October 16th: Bram Stokers Dracula

The time-old tale of Dracula, from Author Bram Stoker’s interpretation.

October 17th: The Dark Crystal

A Gelfing finds himself a part of a prophecy. Danger and adventure await!

October 18th: Beetlejuice

A ghostly couple find their house overrun by the living. Will dead and living learn to co-exist?

October 19th: Howl’s Moving Castle

A wizard who steals the hearts of women and a woman who saves his.

October 20th: Practical Magic

Sister comes to sister’s aid. They must deal with the consequences and face a long-enacted curse head on.

October 21st: Edward Scissorhands

Naïve Edward learns to interact with others while touching the lives of everyone he encounters.

October 22nd: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Harry’s introduction to the whimsically wonderous wizarding world and the danger that lies within.

October 23rd: HP and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter must face his sworn enemy once again.

October 24th: Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban

More dangers arise for Harry in the wizarding world. Or do they?

October 25th: HP and the Goblet of Fire

Harry is entered into a tournament of untold perilousness and is tested beyond imagination.

October 26th: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter ensures irrational and unfair scrutiny while dealing with his inner demons.

October 27th: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Harry receives help from an unlikely source.

October 28th: HP and the Deathly Hollows pt. 1

The beginning of the end.

October 29th: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows pt. 2

Or as it should be titled, “Harry Potter and the end of your childhood”.

October 30th: Death Becomes Her

Another movie I’ve not yet watched though with it’s inclusion of Meryl Streep, it seems to have promise! A woman takes steps to age no further. Consequence awaits.

October 31st: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack Skellington is the King of Halloween. Unamused with the Holiday’s charm, he seeks to find more in another.

October Movie Marathon

Some may have detected I have left out the Lord of The Rings trilogy. Though, this is simply because I should like to watch it in November.

This October Movie Marathon is first and foremost an activity to encourage one to lean into Autumn, the beginning of Holiday season and “spooky season”. (As one who lives in Hawai`i, without the signifier of the changing of seasons, change of behavior and commencement of tradition and activities are all the more important.) Though this year’s October Movie Marathon also acts to check behavior regarding pining and shopping. Just recently coming out of a no-buy period, I have re-established behavior of indifference toward new releases and a strong dislike of spending hard earned money. A Movie Marathon compiled of many movies I enjoy that aid in lifting the autumn spirit within me, leaning into my favorite season and occupying my time otherwise possibly ill spent is graciously welcomed.

On that note, hunker down with your favorite comforter, snack of choice and preferred movie partner and enjoy this October Movie Marathon!

P.S. Please do leave your favorite movies and shows in the comments down below! (I enjoy historical time periods, documentaries and fantasy fiction. Check out my selection by clicking here!)



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