Purchase Questions

Purchase Questions

Purchase Questions

In my quest for quality, I’m doing my best to carefully and thoroughly consider each addition to my wardrobe. First and foremost, you must have a good understanding of your preferences; What you like and don’t like, non-negotiable points, etc. Then, you can consider building your wardrobe. Last blog post I spoke about my suggested and personal Purchase Exercises. Today, I’m speaking on the Purchase Questions you should answer before placing an order.

But first, a quick review of the Purchase Exercises! Click this link to review.

Now, let’s get on to my recommended Purchase Questions.

Question #1: Where will I wear this?

Where can, or more importantly, where will I wear this? This is a reality check of sorts. First, start with recalling all environments and manner in which you find yourself. For me, (in order from most often to least often), they are 1) lounging at home; 2) working in-office; 3) errands in public, (though these tend to get done during my lunch); 4) working out/being active; 5) in-person meetings/presenting to the public; 6) breakfast/lunch/dinner dates; 7) hanging out with family/friends; and then 8), the one-off event such as a wedding, holiday party, luau or baby shower/baby first birthday party. Then, discern if you’d be wearing the item in question to any of these environments. The more environments, the better!

Ask yourself – Do I feel comfortable wearing this in front of family? Is this work appropriate? How about in public? Is this practical for everyday wear in public? How often do I predict this item will be utilized and for what type of occasions? Many if not all of these questions are subjective. Answers will differ from person to person, as does personality and temperament. Ideally, in my opinion, you’ll be intertwining and crossing over multiple environments with one garment. Just because you normally wear a particular garment to work doesn’t mean you can’t wear it out to dinner with your other half or when with friends.

Question #2: Is this a singular “yes”?

Do I feel a visceral “yes” at this prospect? Am I asking for opinions? Do I feel hesitant? If one has to ask another’s opinion on a piece, then I generally believe you’re already questioning and second guessing this purchase. There are of course instances where either one does not know their personal style or is entirely unaware of their own preferences. This is where “putting in the work”, (determining your style and personal preferences such as fabric type, color, shape/cut, etc.), comes into play. If the “yes” in relation to whether you should buy this piece isn’t intuitive, perhaps it’s a “no”. Simply liking something doesn’t equate to it taking up space in your closet or you spending your money on it.

Purchase Questions | Ardently Ana
Clued in on your personal style and looking to build your wardrobe? Use this simple questionnaire of purchase questions before adding to cart!

Question #3: Is this an impulse purchase?

Is this an impulse buy? My impulse purchases tend to take place when there’s urgency involved. “Last one!” or “Only a few left!” are good ploys to garner haste. I find taking a moment to assess the situation a great deterrent. Was this on my wishlist? Does it fill a gap? What about this piece is eye-catching and why do I want it? A rule of thumb I like to follow is giving myself a month of contemplation before making a purchase. More often it’s many months, even past a year. This allows me to take myself in hand and actually conduct these exercises and answer these questions. If I’m not in the mood to do so for one reason or another, (say I’m exhausted, overstimulated or unable to focus), then perhaps I shouldn’t be making decisions at that present time.

Question #4: Do I have something similar?

Do I already “have” this? Do I have an item that serves the same purpose? It can be obvious, such as a white t-shirt, or your version of a “white t-shirt”. While the constant is the color, the variables are numerous. Thickness, collar width, sleeve length, cut/shape, material, etc. We naturally gravitate to what we like, in all their iterations. Do you need every iteration? No. Again, this is where preference realization comes into play.

It is absolutely okay to have multiple of something. But are they all different enough that you don’t prefer one over the other, ultimately leaving some unused? (I would like to note that having many white t-shirts is unlike having many white tops. Having a white t-shirt, a white button up and a white turtleneck tank-top is not what I mean when I reference many iterations. I would actually encourage these types of iterations!) Let’s now consider occasion wear. How many “going out” or “wedding guest” dresses do you have? Must you really purchase another? I believe reusing your occasion wear is a sign of confidence. Consider well loved occasion wear, (as all your outfits are), an expression of you; as it is the outfit you wear when you want to feel at the top of your game. Not to mention, single use outfits are, in my opinion, wasteful and what make skeptics of personal style believe the practice and cultivation of it is frivolous behavior.

Do you have any Purchase Questions?

I’d be interested to know if you have any questions or methods you swear by when looking to make an addition to your wardrobe! I’m aware of the “One-In, One-Out” rule but don’t know if I can personally adhere to that. I’d love to have a conversation in the comments!

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