Quest for Quality

“Quest for Quality”

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Quest for Quality

At the beginning of 2022, I wrote a brief overview of how I’d like the year to pan out. I wanted to pare down my clothes and deep dive into color theory for my makeup. Since then, I’ve taken the time to really think about those goals, as well as my habits and direction of content. Quality is something I put great stock into, and I believe it touches on all aspects of life. My conclusion is this: I want quality over quantity. For content’s sake, I’ll be touching on clothing and makeup with a focal point of “quality over quantity”.


Regarding clothing related content, I’d like to explore the “less is more” approach. The idea of having a streamlined wardrobe that meets all your needs while being adequately expressive is very alluring.

This year, I’m incorporating a declutter-ing system to help keep my number of garments at bay. But I think I’d also like to experience a capsule wardrobe for a time. Selecting pieces to meet the needs of my lifestyle while storing the rest seems a clever to go about one’s wardrobe. The overall quality of the pieces acquired needs to be apparent. While, of course, being mindful of both my personal style and Clothing Purchase Guidelines; and following my Clothing Shopping Plan.


Now when it comes to makeup, the same concepts apply. Focal point of “quality over quantity”, “less is more approach”, with every item meeting my needs and sense of style. I’ve found that with makeup products, preferred performance and packaging tend to be my thresholds. Of course, a product must perform according to your skin type and preferred finish. Though between two color cosmetic products of similar shade and performance, I find myself preferring, in my opinion, the sturdier, more substantially packaged product. I find my makeup collection consists of items I enjoy using as well as owning. I would like to look at a product and perceive value rather than a means to an end.

Curated Quest for Quality

Though my take on “less is more” does not necessarily mean I want bare bones. I quite enjoy excess. Though I’d like to “do” excess in a way that isn’t crowded or overwhelming. Every piece I own should serve a purpose and/or be meaningful. I want to thoughtfully consider every purchase or acquisition. What I truly want is to be curated, while bearing “less is more” in mind to keep “curated” in check.

To ensure I keep to my “quality over quantity” ideal, I’ve given myself a budget this year. This is in the hopes to perpetuate a value-based way of considering my purchases. Having a set amount I’m allowed to spend will encourage me to consider whether an item is worth it’s price. To help determine this, I’ve created a Clothing Purchase Guideline. Of course, that particular post pertains to clothing, but you can rearrange and reword it so that is applies elsewhere!

Quest for Quality|Ardently Ana
On my Quest for Quality, I am trying to recognize pieces that are expertly created. The dress pictured here has many techniques that are considered masterful. One of which ensuring the patterns align at the seams!

To embrace quality over quantity in what I own, I’ve accepted that there can be no compromises. I must not settle for second best or the runner up. Clothing can be a bit tricky with this concept because everything tends to be seasonal, limited edition or sold out before you’ve had the time to fully consider the piece. Though with makeup, this is less of a problem. It is true that some items are limited edition, but generally makeup tends to be available as part of a brand’s permanent selection. (If you find this not to be the case, I strongly urge you to find staple products that are.)

Quest for Quality

I am on a quest to determine how best to streamline and personalize the objects in my life to fulfill its purpose while feeling meaningful – starting with my clothing, I think. (Less tangible, “deeper” level concepts can also go through this undertaking. Though I think to do that, seeing a trained, licensed professional would be the best route.)

If you find yourself thinking similarly, then please join me on my Quest for Quality. 



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