Signs of Small-Business Vintage Brands

“Signs of Small-Business Vintage Brands”

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Signs of Small-Business Vintage Brands

I generally like to support small-business vintage brands. My definition of a small brand is one that is just starting out, and/or has a smaller following compared to larger brands and companies, with an employment of a small number of people, if it not be a one-man show. Brands of such manner tend to cater to a specified niche in their overlaying category. I think supporting “small” is a great way to be conscious of where your money goes. As well as the impact you have on others. In order to make it a bit more convenient to spot them, I’ve listed dependable tell-tale signs that indicate you are supporting a small-business vintage brand.

Signs of Small-Business Vintage Brands|Ardently Ana
This is the fabric of one of my favorite dresses; from a Small-Business Vintage Brand with all the tell tale signs of one!

Small-Business Vintage Brands Have Good Customer Service

Small-business vintage brands will generally have good customer service, as they care about their customers. A good small-business vintage brand knows that it’s reputation is not only in the quality of it’s products, but in the manner in which it conducts itself as well. They tend to appreciate their customers, and this grants a business appreciation from it’s customers in return.

Customization and Accommodation

Perhaps due to this mutual appreciation, there is also usually customization and accommodation available to the customer. (I think this is also due to their willingness to experiment to better their craft.) You may see this in the form of a “made to measure” option, as opposed to the widely accepted size chart. This is where you submit your personal measurements and the measurements are honored. Accommodation might appear in the form of accepting special requests. For instance, say you want pockets in a dress’ design that does not have them. If you request customization and accommodation, do not be surprised and warded off. The makers are due this. They usually must use extra fabric and have to change the design accordingly, resulting in more work.

Small-Business Vintage Brand Owners Love Their Craft

One thing I’ve noticed, (among a fair few other things), of small-business vintage brands and have come to appreciate, is that the owner, and all involved in the process, truly love their craft. This is always a good sign. If someone is passionate about their craft, you can expect it to be worked at, and to be perfected in time. You not only get to look forward to exceptional work, but you get to witness the journey the business walks along the way.

Artisan Made

            In that same light, quality is of the utmost importance to small-business vintage brands. Generally, you will see a trend of owners doubling as designers. They also like to search for Artisan made materials, if not be the actual Artisans themselves. If there is a passion for their work and craft, the brand will ensure only the best materials and craftsmen are on the job. This in turn ensures the quality of their products, and beckons the loyalty of their customers.

Less Cut Corners

You will also notice that in the production of their products, no corners cut. Small-business vintage brands tend not to sacrifice the quality of their work for price’s sake. You will sense a respect for themselves as owners and creators of a brand that they built themselves. And as a customer, they expect us to respect and understand this. They do not skimp on quality. For this, the price for the fruit of their labor should be honored.

Support Small-Business Vintage Brands

Loving such a specified niche in clothing means less saturation of brands. This is great for small-businesses because lack of presence of large brands and companies make it easier for smaller brands to shine. So, in general, you are more likely to come across a small business as opposed to larger ones. Specified niches also signal that as a consumer, you are less likely to fall through the cracks, due to less saturation of customers.

The lovely thing about authentic vintage clothing shops, is that every single one is a small-business. Being a curator of vintage clothing and brands, you are looking for items that are hard to come by. This is due to the termination of production of certain styles, and some brands going out of business. Keep in mind though, the pieces and brands in high demand will cost more than your usual run-in with vintage pieces.

There is more to shopping than the acquirement of goods. The best consumer is mindful of their purchases, of what these purchases represent and support. When supporting a small-business vintage brand, you are most likely supporting a master and their art, and hopefully its perpetuation. If at all possible, I would urge you to shop “small”. And hopefully, it will be easier to recognize one now knowing some signs of small-business vintage brands!

Ardently, Ana

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