The Best Youtube Channels

“The Best YouTube Channels”

I hope I find you well!

The Best YouTube Channels

As of late I’ve witnessed a few of my favorite content creators talk of YouTube dwindling in presence and engagement. I personally don’t think that’s the case. YouTube is much more than a content site. YouTube has always been somewhere that I went to escape stressors and wind down, (similarly to movies and shows). And as I encountered the realm of lifestyle and beauty content creators, those I resonated with quickly felt like friends. (If you’re a large consumer of YouTube content, I’m sure you’ll understand this statement. Though if you are not, when I refer to any listed as my friend, I do not mean in a literal sense. These friendships are very much one-sided as none of these creators know of my existence. Although, I have gotten the odd like of a comment and response to DM.)

I sincerely hope that this situation isn’t the case; but if it is, I wanted to create a comprehensive list of YouTube channels that I genuinely enjoy watching. I’ve pulled their descriptions from their YouTube channels as well as spoken a little bit on why I enjoy their content.

Hopefully this will introduce you to channels and creators of whose content is sincere, well-informed and deserving in one way or another. And now, in absolutely no particular order, I give you The Best YouTube Channels!

The Best YouTube Channels on Beauty/Lifestyle

-Hannah Louise Poston

Description: Hello, friends! I am a writer, a tango dancer, and a clothing designer, and on the side I’m obsessed with makeup & skincare. I did a NO-BUY YEAR in 2018 to break my habit of overspending on beautiful things, and I created this channel to record my progress. In the wake of my no-buy year I’m learning how to balance my love of beauty with my desire for moderation and financial health. If that resonates with you, hope you will subscribe to my channel!

Hannah Louise Poston focuses on beauty content and is quite an inspiration in that sense. On her channel you’ll find videos of her time throughout her No-Buy, as well as videos that focus on beauty and fashion; though engage in this world mindfully. Her and I share similar interests in wanting to consume more meaningfully while embracing the beauty and quality of things. Though I only found her recently, she has become a quick friend. The best YouTube channel if you are interested in beauty with a bit of balance and grunge!

-Allana Davison

Allana has no description on her YouTube channel. The content she posts tends to be in the realm of a lifestyle with a focus on beauty and fashion. She is also a connoisseur of orange blush. I believe I found her a few years ago a little after graduating high school. What drew my eye to her content is her classic and timeless approach to makeup. And what has kept me returning to her content is the fact that I feel she too became my friend. She is also one of the only beauty content creators of which I know that (just about) posts a video for every day in May and December; So, tons of content to divulge in! The best YouTube channel for a bit of summer-loving quirk and bronzed cheeks!

-Jamie Genevieve

Description: Founder of VIEVE Scottish Makeup Artist, Digital Creator, Wife & Dog Mum.

This girl is an absolute ray of sunshine. She is also a lifestyle content creator with a focus on beauty and fashion. She founded Vieve which is a make up brand that has amazing formulas and very reliable product. I found her around the same time I found Allana; shortly after graduating high school. (And indeed, I would place her and Allana into the same type of content and shared interests.) Jamie too feels like a friend to me due to her genuineness. Although in truth, I could say that about every single one of the beauty content creators I have listed as well. The best YouTube channel for a bit of glam, edge and german shepherds!

-Ali Andreea

Description: My name is Andreea and I am a makeup artist based in Paris! I have been working as a makeup artist for 13 years and I would like to share my passion with other makeup lovers like myself. Thank you so much if you’re reading this and I hope you will subscribe to my channel!

Andreea Ali is a professional make up artist that focuses on makeup. I shortly encountered her channel after graduating high school as well. Her videos tend to be very informative about the application of make up and quintessentially classic. Though due to being a professional make up artist, she also does editorial style makeup. She has recently been dabbling in fashion and Vlog style content. That of which I am very glad because I feel as though when content creators open up about their life it endears them to you. The best YouTube channel for impeccable classic makeup and a dash of sass!


Description: RawBeautyKristi – A place where you can feel confident in getting HONEST Product Reviews, Makeup tutorials, Health, Life & Weight loss advice and MORE. All with a sense of humor and a bit of a potty mouth. Join me!

“With a sense of humor” just about sums it up. Like most of my beauty creators I found Christie’s channel soon after graduating high school. It has been five years since. Kristi of rawbeautykristi is a creator that was focused on beauty but has started maintaining a healthy infusion of life. She recently became a mother, which has been an awesome journey to follow along on. And because of this, much of her content has to do with her life now as a mother. She is quite down to earth and has a welcoming air about her, thus making her feel as though she is a friend of mine. The best YouTube channel for humor, mental health awareness and mother lifestyle infused beauty!

-The Anna Edit

Description: U.K-based lifestyle online content creator and author of the organisation manual ‘An Edited Life’.

Anna of the Anna edit is another burst of the sun’s ray. She is a lifestyle content creator that touches on beauty, fashion and everyday life. She too has recently become a mother though chooses to keep that part of her life private. Some of her videos that I particularly enjoy are of her fashion capsules. She is an inspiration in looking into a capsule wardrobe and being more organized in general. I enjoy going to her for natural looking make up as well. The best YouTube channel for wholesome, realistic fashion, beauty and lifestyle content!

The Best Youtube Channels|Ardently Ana
For those who favor long-form content, YouTube will always reign supreme, (after movies and shows). Which is why I hope to start uploading content to YouTube in the coming year! (‘Tis still in the planning phase, though a plan nonetheless.) And hope to add my channel among the welcoming, genuine and relatable listed here!

The Best YouTube Channels on History

-Timeline-World History Documentaries

Description: Welcome to Timeline – the home of world history. Every week we’ll be bringing you one-off documentaries and series from the world’s top broadcasters, including the BBC, Channel 4, Discovery and PBS. We’ll be exploring the mysteries of ancient Egypt, shedding light on the dark ages of medieval Europe and examining the First and Second World Wars.

This channel is one of my favorite history channels, (as are all of the channels listed). Timeline’s content is very typical of what you might think a documentary is. I particularly enjoy their content about the World Wars and the medieval period. (This channel also reminds me of adult PBS). Very informative and a joy to watch if you are a history buff. The other best YouTube channel for world history!

-Absolute History

Description: Welcome to Absolute History – the home of fun, shocking and curious tales from throughout history. From Tony Robinson’s Worst Jobs in History to Suzannah Lipscomb’s Hidden Killers, join us to learn about our history the entertaining way.

As one might be able to tell by their name absolute history create videos on history. I find that many of the videos I watch from them are investigative documentaries. My favorite of which look into Tudor and Victorian lifestyle, (this is a pattern that you’ll find). Though they also document other time periods and events throughout the world. One of the best YouTube channels if you’re interested in world history!

-Weird History

Description: Welcome to the chronicles of history that your social studies class never covered in high school. This is for the extreme, the unexpected, the untold and the flat-out weird parts of history. Because as weird as people seem today, we don’t hold a candle to history.

As it suggests in its title this channel posts content of unusual history and facts. Their content tends to be in a conversational bullet format, thus are generally shorter history videos. They cover a wide range of time periods and geographical locations; so, I would place it in the realm of world history. The best YouTube channel if you’re looking for short, unusual, weird videos on history!

-Real Royalty

Description: Real Royalty peels back the curtain to give a glimpse into the lives of some of the most influential families in the world, with new full length documentaries posted every week covering the monarchies of today and all throughout history.

In truth, I don’t believe I could describe this channel any better than its own description has. Real Royalty is a channel that posts content about the world’s monarchies. And thus, is one of my favorite YouTube channels to watch when I am in the mood for royalty. Some of my favorite videos to watch are of monarchies hailing from the United Kingdom, Russia and Japan, just to name a few. The best YouTube channel for all things royalty!

The Best YouTube Channels on Personal Style

-Dearly Bethany

Description: Bethany’s description outlines her community guidelines and informs how you can contact her.

This YouTube channel is my favorite to visit for all things personal style related. Bethany focuses on fashion and personal style; and was the pushing factor of my own personal style journey. She is another friend, (of that kind of one-sided friendship I spoke of). She gives awesome styling and dressing tips in her content; though also has a course that she recently released on the topic. I can a test her content is quite helpful. She recently moved into my absolute dream house inverse and the us has an incredible backdrop. The best YouTube channel for welcoming, cozy ambience and personal style tips and tricks.

-Audrey Coyne

Description: Hi there, my name is Audrey. I am a fashion enthusiast doing more with less. I post new videos every week aimed at helping you discover your own unique personal style, while also helping you make thoughtful purchases that you’ll love for years to come. You can also find me over on my blog

Audrey coin is a content creator that focuses on personal style and its development. She is a channel of which I recent more recently found; but I’ve which has brought a similar amount of joy when watching. She has a very calming effect and I’ve found this is one of her traits I enjoy most. I also enjoy getting styling tips and tricks from her and hearing about her own personal style journey. One of the best YouTube channels for personal style tips, tricks and documentation.

And thus, you have my comprehensive list of the best YouTube channels! I do have a few channels I particularly enjoy that are a tad off-topic. If you are interested in these, let me know! I’m also on the market for a channel or two that focus on the history of fashion, (in all parts of the world), and it’s evolution over time. So, if you’ve any suggestions for that, please do share. And if you too are a style, beauty and history fanatic, please list your favorite channels that I’ve not mentioned!



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