Tips and Tricks for the Shopping-Averse

“Tips and Tricks for the Shopping-Averse”

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Tips and Tricks for the Shopping-Averse

I have always vehemently loathed trying on clothes. Trying on clothes is a fussy, time consuming, repetitious action that I could not dislike less. I liken the feeling to that of which you feel when you think of getting in and out if a car when you are impatient to get home.

The entire production of physically sifting through clothing, holding the amassing mound until you’re satisfied; to then get into a dressing room where you now must undress and dress multiple times is quite unappealing, to say the least.

In light of my assessment, I have created a short list of tips and tricks I utilize to make my clothing shopping much more enjoyable. I give you Tips and Tricks for the Shopping-Averse!

Tips and Tricks for the Shopping-Averse

The reason we try on clothes is to determine whether or not an item is well fitting. These methods will help you ensure the fit of a garment without having to endure the dreaded ritual.

Check Site Measurements

I think it needless to say, my preferred method of shopping is online browsing. Of course, you still run the risk of receiving an ill-fitting item; that you now have to return. The prevention of this is a simple one – check the site’s measurements.

Many brands have Size Charts available for you to determine the dimensions of an item before you purchase. Though, some do not. Another easy fix, though not as time effective –

Reach Out to Customer Service

Reach out to their customer service and request the measurements of said item. I also suggest you read all available information on the item in question. My favorite designer has a size chart as well as the dimensions for size M listed for each individual piece in its description. The M dimensions listed for each piece tend not to match the size chart’s. As I am not a size medium, I reach out via email to ask for clarification when this occurs.

Check Garment Fabrics

Checking the fabrics used for composition of a piece can help you determine how it will fit. If there is a large elastic content, you can adequately infer the item will be forgiving. For instance, a pair of 100% cotton jeans are going to have little wiggle room in terms of fit. You may even want to consider sizing up. Whereas a jean with 2 or even 3% elastic will be much more movement-friendly.

Bring a Measuring Tape

If ever you plan to go clothes shopping in a physical store, bring a tape measure. This will allow you to take your own measurements and the measurements of the garment for comparison. Thus, relinquishing the need to enter a dressing room.

Tips and Tricks for the Shopping-Averse|Ardently Ana
Keeping a tape measure handy is a simple way to ensure one’s shopping goes smoothly.

Hold the Waist to Your Neck

You don’t carry a measuring tape in your purse and have found yourself in a charming boutique? There is one trick I find that adequately works. Take the waist of an item, hold it to your neck wrapping it around. If the two ends meet each other comfortably without extra fabric then on your waist, it too, shall be. Though this is waist-specific, I feel as though it may still be useful as the waist tends to be the trickiest to size.

Tips and Tricks for the Shopping-Averse

I hope you found my Tips and Tricks for the Shopping-Averse useful. And if you’ve any, please do share!



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