Top 5 Tips for Clothes Shopping

“Top 5 Tips for Clothes Shopping”

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Top 5 Tips for Clothes Shopping

When in the process of shopping from clothing brands to curate your wardrobe, one can make many mistakes. Purchasing without knowledge of your inspirations and preferred style(s), thus later concluding that you aren’t as pleased with an item after all; purchasing on impulse; not doing your research on the brands themselves and the process of production; and the list could go on really. I’d like to share some tips with you that I’ve had to learn on my own, and wish I’d have known sooner.

The first Tip being:

1. Always “browse”

Never settle on the first piece or style of clothing from the one brand you’ve looked at. Take the time to search up key words of the item or style you’ve found. If there is a blouse you are particularly interested in, plug the style of top into your search engine of choice and have a browse through the other options and different price points available.

For instance, I am particularly keen on getting a loose fitting, renaissance-esque, bishop sleeved style, natural linen blouse. What I should do, is take one of the descriptors and plug them into the google search bar. I was delighted with the different brands and takes on that same style of shirt. Some with embroidery, others with their own unique cuts and sleeves. Just the difference in little details can really capture one’s eye.

In doing this, you will find other brands you enjoy, and more often than not, better pieces of quality and design than the first item you were wanting.

The next Tip is:

2. Do not rush into a purchase

“Sit on it” for at least a few days, especially if it is a more expensive purchase. Do not buy a piece as soon as you discover it. Take this time to do some browsing. Look at other brands, similar items. And when you decide on the item you want, wait some more.

I would suggest a wait time of at very least a week. In this time, you may find you don’t desire the item as much as you did. Though if your desire has grown and you’re chomping at the bit, it is more likely that this purchase will leave you with no regrets. If the purchase being weighed is a pricier one for you, this tip may be your best shopping-friend.

Though under certain circumstances, waiting to make a purchase and ponder on your decision can be impossible. The specific example I am thinking of, is when one encounters a brand with a “cult” following, (customers that are extremely loyal and a bit brand crazed), and the amount of merchandise made does not meet the demand. In this case, I would say if you are really gunning for a specific piece, then you may be a part of the cult-like fan-base and have experience with the brand. In which case, there is minimal probability you will regret your purchase. (To counter not being able to snag a piece you want, if it be a comparable larger brand, you might try looking on re-sale or second-hand online companies. Smaller brands, I’m afraid, are much harder to come by.)

Top 5 Tips for Clothes Shopping|Ardently Ana
I’ve mentioned a couple of these points in previous blog posts. I can only hope it emphasizes the importance and usefulness of them. The goal being to think through your purchases to ensure quality of product and its long-term place in your life.

The third Tip:

3. Be wary of “deals”

Well and ethically made clothes tend to be expensive, (budget-depending of course). If something is cheaper than its general price point, ask why that is so. Find out the fabric used for the garment, where it’s made, look at the brand’s mission and other items from that brand/store. I’d even go as far to look at reviews written about the brand itself.

I enjoy a less expensive price point just as much as the next person, but genreally, a cheaper price point means lower quality. The saying “You get what you pay for” comes to mind. If this is not the case, then the only other explanation I can think of is this: Those involved in the creation of the item, if there are any living beings involved in the process at all, are unjustly underpaid. You want to support brands that have a good moral compass and value their employees.

The same can also be said for an outrageously expensive price point. You always want to be aware of what it is you are paying for.

The next Tip on deck is:

4. A good brand/store will generally have a “mission” statement

A “trustworthy” brand will have a statement that essentially states why they do what they do, their “mission. This will state what their goal is, how they intend to impact their customers and society as a whole for the better, and their steps to achieve this. Hopefully it you will also tell of how the brand started and came about, and if the brand has been around a while, how it has progressed in its mission.

If it is a smaller brand, say an Etsy Store, then look for the owner’s bio. It will usually elaborate on their fervor for fashion and creating, and you can rest assured that you are supporting someone’s passion and livelihood.

And the final Tip we come to is:

5. Always shop with a plan at hand

You always want to head into a planned shopping excavation with a plan. The plan you create will act as your guidelines for your shopping heist. Having a plan prevents you from making regretful purchases and spending your money unnecessarily. I’ll add, you might want to utilize the tips above in the beginning your plan.

I realize I’m being vague in this last point, but this is because I’ve written a separate blog post on the creation of a plan for shopping – a Clothing Shopping Plan.

I hope my Top 5 Tips for Clothes Shopping prove useful to you. And if you have any tips of your own, I would very much like to know them!

So, to that end, Happy Shopping!



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