Typical End of Year Waffle

“Typical End of Year Waffle”, (a.k.a. 2023 Focus and Projects Ramble)

I hope I find you well!

Typical End of Year Waffle

Finding myself in a contemplative mood, today’s Blog Post will cover all the typical year end reflections, new year resolutions and projects; The Typical End of Year Waffle.

End of Year Reflection

This year I’ve focused heavily on the importance of quality for quality’s sake and of quality over quantity. The items I’ve acquired this year in terms of wardrobe and makeup collection, have been that of accomplished quality. Though, I’ve quite had my fill of seemingly perennial acquisition, for at least a time. Content to not be on a rabid hunt for the missing piece in my wardrobe and makeup collection, I find myself wanting to use what it is I have; use it often and use it well.

Typical End of Year Waffle – Projects


To start of my Typical End of Year Waffle, let us discuss projects! For the year of 2023, I shall be tracking my outfits and makeup worn daily with an excel spreadsheet. This will help me accomplish a few things. The first being to appreciate all that I have; Instead of focusing on what I don’t. The next, to discern what I do not use and whether to declutter it in one way or another. The last reason I shall divulge toward the end of this piece.

No and Low Buys

Though, tracking my daily outfits and mups will not be my only project this year. I will also be doing a Makeup, (and somewhat of a Beauty), No-Buy from January to November. Exceptions will be Lisa Eldridge releases and replacements for foundation, (if any at all); replacements for sunscreen, curology, mascara and moisturizer. I will also allow beauty replacements of shampoo and conditioner, curl cream and scalp treatment.

I will also be conducting a Low-Buy regarding Clothing. My clothing purchases will allow for a few Lena Hoschek pieces, the Iona Blouse and the Veronica Beard pumps; All mentioned in the last Blog Upload- Autumn and Winter Clothing wishlist.

Stash Spotlight

In the spirit of appreciating all that I have, I shall attempt to do a series either on Instagram or here on my blog called “Stash Spotlight”. A week’s worth of makeup looks focusing on either a brand, product or color within my makeup collection. At the end of every Stash Spotlight week, I shall post a carousel of the looks I’ve conjured to Instagram.

The reason of this to focus and reframe my thinking from negative to positive. Instead of focusing on not buying anything, I get to focus on the makeup I already own and enjoy.

Typical End of Year Waffle – Makeup Reflection

While on the subject of Instagram and makeup, I came across a 2022 makeup favorites tag by @amakeupjourney and decided to participate. (I am @ardentlyana on Instagram, please consider following me if you’re not already!) I wanted to go into more detail about my picks for makeup favorites tag. The questions, my answers and explanations are as follows-

What was your favorite palette of 2022?

The Muse Palette from Vieve! The cooler mauve, purple and pinky shades were something that really inspired me this year.

What was your favorite lip product of 2022?

My favorite formulas were Lisa Eldridge’s Velvet bullets and MERIT‘s Signature Lip. Two very different formulas; worn for two very different states of being and desired effects. The Velvet formula is a matte lipstick, worn for a glamorous and powerful effect; the Signature Lip used when hydration is of the utmost lip priority, though pigment is necessary.

What was your favorite complexion product?

Lisa Eldridge‘s Seamless Skin was chosen simply because it is the best foundation formula I’ve ever tried. For my normal (sometimes dry, dehydrated/oily) skin, it provided the skin-like finish I desire. Though not an exact match, it is near enough. (Lighter & more neutral would be the ticket.) It’s also the only foundation I own.

What was your favorite single shadow?

I’ve three… First being Flash Florescence in Wild Wisteria due to its color, though they are one of my favorite cream formulas. It is unfortunately discontinued but this sparkly, shimmery purple will always reign! Flash Florescence in Wild Oak by Phytosurgence for the everyday one and done shadow. And Auric‘s Smoke Reflect in Defiance for nights out.

What are you excited to wear at parties?

Dior‘s Rouge Dior Forever lipstick in 879 because it’s long-wearing and budge-proof up to a point, so I can kiss my other half without getting lipstick all over him! Lisa Eldridge‘s Velvet Duchess because I have a feeling it’s my “perfect” red. And her eyeshadow palette in Sorcery; the wonderful finishes of the shades are very inspiring. 🙂

Biggest happy surprise of the year?

MERIT‘s Brow 1980. It is an unassuming product that has slowly worked its way into my necessary eyebrow products.

Biggest disappoint this year?

Rouge Dior Forever in 999, their signature shade. Unfortunately, the shade was unflattering against my undertone. Though, I so wanted to love it!

Typical End of Year Waffle | Ardently Ana
A bit of Stash Spotlight here! Wearing Chilled Cherry in Phytosurgence’s Flash Florescence formula from their Weathered Woods collection; applied here with a brush. Described as “a taupey cooler leaning merlot rose that still maintains a bit of neutrality”, it is one of my favorite one-and-done cream shadows. The base of this particular shade is very near my natural lid pigmentation which makes for a seamless wear. Though, regardless of pigmentation, this shade makes for a beautiful makeup look for these cooler winter months.

Makeup Wrapped

This tag inspired me to create my own tag for next year. Though, in order to conduct this tag at year’s end in 2023, data needs to be gathered! That is where tracking my daily makeup details comes into play. I present to you, “Makeup Wrapped”!

Part of my project for the year 2023 is to track and record the makeup products I frequent throughout the year. This will provide me with data to best determine what I don’t use and should consider removing from my makeup collection in one way or another. If I were to conduct a declutter at this moment in time, I wouldn’t declutter anything. Nor would I want to because I currently enjoy every single item in my collection for one reason or another; from performance to component and packaging. As I’ve recently acquired more product into my makeup collection by either personal acquisition, being gifted by a beloved or PR, the goal is to streamline my personal collection if it can’t all be used.

Now, the corresponding answers to be dictated by numerical data at the end of 2023, I present the questions to be answered in-

Makeup Wrapped

Most used:

-eyeshadow palette(s) (out of?)

– single shadow(s) (out of?)

-foundation/base product(s) (out of?)

-concealer (out of?)

-blush (out of?)

-bronzer (out of?)

-contour (out of?)

-highlighter (out of?)

-setting powder (out of?)

-setting spray (out of?)

-mascara (out of?)

-eyeliner (out of?)

-brow products (out of?)

-primers (out of?)

-lipstick (out of?)

-lipgloss (out of?)

-lipliner (out of?)

-nail polish (out of?)

Throughout the project I’ll have to count how many of a product I have in each category and go through every color cosmetic product to describe the theme/color story, shade/color and undertone; all before year’s end. I’ll also go through every product to describe finish and effect. Then I’ll decipher why it is I think I reach for this product the most when it is time to tally up the data. Looking over and gathering this data will also give me an accurate account of what my makeup preferences are.

Typical End of Year Waffle – New Year Resolutions

I never seem to stick to New Year Resolutions. Though, I’d say the running theme here is appreciation. And if I were to declare a resolution, it’d be to appreciate everything I am fortunate enough and blessed to have. Perhaps even take it a step further and say show appreciation more often and regularly; For this life.

And in keeping with my Quest for Quality, (click here to read on it!), a resolution I’d like to perpetuate is one of quality; To hold the quality in which a product or garment is made above all other factors when contemplating or making a purchase. As well as a focus of quality over quantity. Though, in this regard, I feel my focus in content slowly shifting toward being more makeup and beauty centered. Not to say I care not for the curation of my wardrobe and personal style.

On the contrary; I very much do and have recently acquired a few new pieces into my wardrobe. I do, however, find the act of documenting and capturing makeup and beauty a bit easier than clothing. Lest we forget, I disdain trying on and changing out of clothes. I never was one for in-person shopping. Click here to read my tips for my fellow shopping-averse friends.

I thank you for sticking around for my Typical End of Year Waffle. I had planned to reflect on my Black Friday Sale purchases, but I think to leave that for next time. I’d love to know what your projects, if any, and/or resolutions are for 2023! Or if you plan on joining me for the 2023 Makeup Wrapped tag!



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