Vintage Clothing Shopping Plan

“Vintage Clothing Shopping Plan”

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Vintage Clothing Shopping Plan

The good news: You’ve decided you want to start transitioning into your Vintage Style taste in clothing! The bad news: You, (and I both), prefer what can be an expensive style of clothing. But do not lose hope! For I have found at times, you can strike a good bargain for pieces. Though I must admit, shopping with slow fashion and well-made clothing at the forefront of your mind can prove costly. But more on that further down!

I cannot say with assurance that a pretty penny will not be spent on this Journey of Vintage Style Clothing. Though, I can tell you there is a way to cut back on unnecessary, regretful and frankly, bad purchases.

The goal here is to find timeless pieces for your wardrobe that could last your whole lifetime, if need be. We must consider the financial aspect of a shopping game plan, as well as the structural aspect.

Your Expectations from Vintage Clothing and Brands

Before we can start procuring a plan, we have to determine what it is we are expecting from our clothing. As mentioned above, I like to focus on “slow-fashion”. Slow fashion emphasizes the quality in which a garment is made as well as the importance of each individual piece. (As opposed to the number of pieces you can acquire.) Non-wastefulness and ensuring the creators of the clothing get paid and treated fairly for their services and resources is also very important.

When saying I am looking for well-made clothing, I expect my clothing to last me a lifetime. At the very least, my clothing must withstand multiple seasons. I also expect that the attention to detail will be apparent throughout the piece. These are aspects that generally appear throughout slow fashion brands and authentic vintage clothing.

Of course, if you are not expecting the same from your own wardrobe, you can afford to be a little more flexible with the brands and clothing, with less stringent criteria.

Make a Vintage Clothing Shopping Plan That is Specified for You

Now that the expectations for your clothing and clothing brands have been established, you can start drafting a plan. Your plan for yourself when shopping for vintage inspired/replication and vintage clothing stand as guidelines, not rules. Though, you want to follow this plan or guidelines as closely as possible, if not exactly. Though, of course, be flexible where you feel it is permitted.

When creating your Vintage Clothing Shopping Plan, bare in mind your plan will differ from the next person. Your Vintage Clothing Shopping Plan should and will cater to your specific needs and limitations.

What is your Vintage Wardrobe In Need Of?

When creating my Vintage Clothing Shopping Plan, I first examine what I am most in need of, or wanting. Sometimes I encounter an exact piece from a specific brand I am wanting. Other times, I have noticed a “hole” or “gap” in my wardrobe. Though have not yet concluded what piece exactly will fill that hole. For example, noticing that I have acquired outfits and pieces that would style better with an off-white cardigan. Though when I look at my closet, my only option is a black cardigan. Thus, I am in need of an off-white cardigan. Regardless of how you come to the conclusion of wanting a piece, it is important to acknowledge all available options. Ensure you have compared the best options available and settled on the piece that is sensible, as well as well-made.

And then we have the unfortunate event where it is necessary to replace a well-loved item. Most often I find it to be my shoes, as I am very much on my feet during work. Might I mention, it is OK to make concessions in quality when the price proves to be too ridiculous for the lifespan of a certain item. Again, shoes come to mind. Of course, one could argue that a better-quality item would last longer and prove it’s worth. Though one must make that judgement and decision for one’s self.

Moral of the this being: Figure out what it is you need.

I also keep an ongoing list in my journal. This list consists of pieces that I want, and pieces that I am in search of. I also indicate which items are more of a priority. Some advice from myself on this point, do not ever only settle. If an item is not exactly what you are looking for, hold out until you find the one. I also find that waiting to find “the one” allows me to sit on certain pieces. Having a piece on my list for a prolonged period of time, sometimes my fancy for it slips away. I conclude after a while, that I may not want or need a piece as much as I initially thought.

Vintage Clothing Shopping Plan|Ardently Ana
Just the skeletal structure of an example of what a plan should resemble. Dress it up or down as much as you like! Remember that our plan will be specific and differ from one to the next.

Vintage Clothing Shopping Plan Budget

After compiling all that you need and want, (and perhaps doing a little tight-lining if necessary), we come to budget. There are a few different ways to approach this. The conventional route would be to set a monetary amount of which you can spend monthly, annually, etc. Though, some like to set their “limit” as a set number of items they allow themselves to purchase. For instance, three items a month, or something similar to that effect.

Then there are those who take a more liberal approach to things, I would count myself among them. Due to my having a list of items I want and am in search of, my “goal” is to find the items on my list. I spend what I am comfortable spending, and ensure I always have enough money to cover my day-to-day living costs.

What’s important is you understand and get comfortable with what you are willing to spend, and what you are not.

In-Depth Vintage Clothing Shopping Plan

We’ve covered, in my opinion, the three most important parts to a Vintage Clothing Shopping Plan.

1. Clothing and Brand expectations

2. Pieces you Want and Need, and;

3. Your Budget.

In my opinion, these three sections are truly all you need panned out for an effective Vintage Clothing Shopping Plan. You may be in the mood for more of an in-depth planning session. This is always welcome in my book!

Sometimes I like to evaluate colors that I am looking to introduce into my wardrobe. I may establish a color scheme, though some like to do this seasonally. It might also be worth noting any special events or holidays you have upcoming. This way, you can mull over what you want to wear for the event. I’ve recently been taking quite a liking to the idea of having a New Year’s Eve and New Year outfit. My theme for these being the typical metallic with black and gold. And I am delighted to report I’ve actually found a few!

            You may also want to take into account the amount of storage you have available for your clothing; then the amount of waste you accumulate and need to dispose of. If the latter is a big issue for you, look into and inquire about materials used for packaging. Is it biodegradable perhaps, or recyclable/can be repurposed?

Good Shopping Habits to Acquire

            There are two good “house-keeping” rules that I believe to be essential when shopping for your vintage and vintage inspired clothing.

  1. Always check the measurements for each individual brand’s sizing.

Each brand’s sizing differs, it is never the same across the board. If the measurements are not specified in inches or centimeters and you find yourself apprehensive, do not hesitate to contact the brand! (Regarding anything, for that matter.) Email them with your own measurements and ask what size they would suggest for you.

2. Check the Brand’s Return Policy.

The worst situation is when you are blindsided by a return policy. Imagine: You receive an item, it doesn’t fit. Only to find out they don’t accept returns, or you’ve waited too long to process your return. Again, contact them! Ask them what size they’d recommend or even if they’d be willing to make alterations for you. The lovely thing about slow fashions brands, they usually are willing, if it’s not already been stated in their terms!

Now, I believe I’ve covered it all. Though if I’ve missed anything, or you’ve some points that I’ve not mentioned above, please, do let me know and comment below!



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