Vintage Quality Over Quantity

“Vintage Quality Over Quantity”

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Vintage Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to vintage fashion, there is one rule that reigns true: Quality over quantity. The quality of any piece you purchase is more important than the number of vintage style pieces you have. You want carefully made clothing. So that you and anyone that glances at you can notice the attention to fine detail in the piece.

The more attention and expertise put into the making of your clothes and accessories, the longer they will last. Your clothes should be durable and able to stand the test of time. This is important because you want to make your time-owned of a garment, as long as possible. If a garment is poorly made, it is likely going to fall apart well before a quality made item. Though, a well-made item generally does signal that it is going to cost more than a mass manufactured item. The trade-off is a timeless piece that will last you a lifetime.

Your Clothing is an Investment

You should want to look at your clothes as an investment. An investment in yourself and how you feel. You feel good knowing that you are in an article of clothing beautifully made; a piece of art. When paying for an item, you must take into consideration the construction method, the materials used and the details.

Bespoke Vs. En Mass

You always want to determine whether an item has been mass manufactured or not. Mass manufactured clothes tend to be less expensive. The term describes a process that enables a production line to make large amounts of standardized items. “Standardized” meaning there is no tailoring. With items made in designated size categories, with the personal contours of your body paid no attention. When pieces are bespoke or handmade, you’re paying for the makers time and expertise. You body measurements will always be a part of the process of production. (Indeed, this is the definition of bespoke; when one’s clothes are especially made for them.) The garment should have reinforced buttons and/or zippers. The zipper should be of good quality and tiny eye-catching details should be present.

Vintage Quality Over Quantity|Ardently Ana
You can see the seam and zipper are reinforced, as well as the zipper being one of high quality. The material is also of high quality linen, and in the most wonderful plum shade!

How to Identify Vintage Quality

In the construction of your clothing, there should be no cutting of corners. When it comes to the material of a garment, I find it boils down to personal preference. Though, natural fibers give a sense that they a garment can be lived in. Of course, this is just my humble opinion. It is common for a natural fiber-ed garment to be more expensive than one made of a synthetic material. If you can rest easy with a polyester garment, say, then of course, that is entirely within your rights. I, myself, prefer natural fibers, for personal reasons I shall spare you and not divulge.

And then of course, there are the details in your clothing. When searching for a piece, you might find that there are a few different versions of the particular piece you’re looking to add in your wardrobe. A little trick to help you choose the version of best quality is to look at the detail put into each. Let’s say, you find the same material in both listings. Though perhaps one has pin-tucks and pleats with some embellishments or flourishes added to the design. I’d say go with the better decorated version. It shows that the maker really put thought into their design and piece. Though of course, sometimes we are looking for simplicity.

Keep in mind, this is in no way saying that flourishes make a piece, (though I find this true more often than not). The point I’m trying to make is that if a maker has put thought and effort into the production and design of their garment, you will be able to see it.

Always Vintage Quality Over Quantity

Remember, always, always, always, quality over quantity.



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