Wardrobe Clear-Out

“Wardrobe Clear-Out”

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Wardrobe Clear-Out

If you’ve not come ‘round to it already, there should be a time that you sort through the clothes you currently have. I refer to this stage in your Style Journey as the “Wardrobe Clear-Out”.

Become Familiar with Your Clothing

            First and foremost, you want to sort through your clothes to become familiar with what pieces you possess. The pieces you re-discover and have forgotten may surprise you. This will give you fresh insight into what styles and pieces your flourishing personal style has outgrown.

What you often wear, you can label as the core of your wardrobe. You will most likely not be letting go of the core of your wardrobe. Then, analyze what types of clothing you enjoy using. Do you have many long-sleeved tops as opposed to short sleeves? Perhaps you notice many pairs of shorts, though you don’t reach for them very often. Take this into account. If you also have duplicates of particular styles, determine whether or not you utilize and need all of them. Take this time to mentally streamline your closet.

Find Your Personal Style

Once you’ve become familiar with your current wardrobe, you then need to determine the foundation of the style(s) you are transitioning into. Without knowing what you’re moving toward, a style transition is rendered pointless and potentially wasteful; Wasteful of your time, energy and money. You’re more likely to regret clothing purchases if you’re not aware of your personal style. To help you determine the foundation of your personal style, I’ve curated a few inspiration pin-pointing questions. You can find them here. (The title indicates this exercise is specific to vintage styles, though this will help all styles across the board.)

After finding an idea of what your personal style might look like and you feel you’d like more guidance, I’d suggest visiting Bethany’s online course. She is a content creator that goes by “Dearly Bethany” on Youtube and Instagram. I found her last year on Youtube, and after taking her course my grasp of my personal style has grown leaps and bounds; As well as my ability to recognize and label others’ personal style they display.

Create Piles During Your Wardrobe Clear-Out

After much self reflection, you then should return back to your current wardrobe. I’d suggest doing another run through your clothing; And this time determine what goes, and what stays. While sifting through your clothing, you should keep note of which pieces are in line with your vision, and which are not. I suggest you organize them as such as well; create piles. How you organize your clothes is entirely up to you. The important note being that there be a separation of clothes you wish to keep, and clothes you no longer want. I store the clothes I no longer wish to wear in three piles: Selling, giving away (to family/friends) and donating.

Do Not Go Overboard

You do not want to get rid of clothes prematurely. Be completely sure in your decision to let go of pieces. It is quite unfortunate to have “after-purge” regrets. I’ve only had a few regrets personally, and hope to never encounter another again. I’ve also come across others on the internet that have a “pile of limbo”, as I call it. This consists of the pieces you are not sure of whether or not you want to be rid of. The idea being if you miss it, you may grab it from the limbo pile and phase it back into your wardrobe. And if you’ve forgotten about it, then it is probably safe to discard it.

Wardrobe Clear-Out|Ardently Ana
When transitioning into your personal style, the most useful advice I can give would be to conduct your Wardrobe Clear-Out at your own pace. Don’t rid yourself of clothing prematurely. It is much harder to reclaim what you’ve ousted.
(I also couldn’t resist picturing one of my all-time favorite pieces I own.)

I’ve learned that “Transitional Pieces” are essential. Transitional pieces being the pieces that will keep your outfits going until your wardrobe transition has come full circle; Or you become content with the pieces you have acquired. These pieces will work at the beginning or transitional stages of your style journey. They work with your prior wardrobe but can also be paired with pieces in your newer wardrobe.

Once you’ve just about accomplished your wardrobe vision, transitional pieces might actually be holding you back from its completion. They might also just not go as well with your wardrobe as a whole as your other options. Whatever the reason, you find they simply don’t resonate with you anymore. It is up to you to determine whether or not they still serve you.

Determine and Keep Pieces You Enjoy

I think it good to mention that you need not get rid of something because it’s not your style. It would be silly to rid yourself of an item you wear often. And in time, it may just become a facet of your style. You can always incorporate it in with other pieces that do fall within your fashion sense. en hold sentimental value to a particular article of clothing. Do not feel pressured to discard something you enjoy.

In that same breath, do not feel pressured in keeping pieces you don’t care for either. The reluctance could be because certain pieces are in line with popular trends, even ones you don’t care for. It may even be due to its monetary or sentimental value. If you do find yourself reluctant to expel of certain articles of clothing, I think the “pile of limbo” may be a good method of settling on a decision.

Storing Method

The last topic I’d like to touch in regards to a Wardrobe Clear-Out, is how to approach a wardrobe that you don’t entirely enjoy. You might feel as though you have too much clothing. Everything feels cluttered and you simply don’t have the space. I’d suggest you think of how you usually style yourself, how often you wear each category of clothing or what you tend to lean toward. Take this information and determine the best storage option for your situation. Sometimes the issue isn’t the clothing, but storing method.

Being mindful of these points, I wish you a successful Wardrobe Clear-Out. And if you have any methods or tips that you find beneficial, please share them below!

Ardently, Ana


  1. April 23, 2022 / 10:15 pm

    Omg, yes, “after-purge regrets” is definitely a thing… 😅

    • Ana
      April 24, 2022 / 5:14 pm

      And when you figure it out, it’s too late!

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