Why Personal Vintage Style is Important

“Why Personal Vintage Style is Important”

I hope I find you well!

Your Personal Vintage Style Is Indeed, Imperative

As you and I both know, your Personal Vintage Style is important. Some might say “clothes don’t matter”, and to that I say “Oh, how wrong you are”.

Your Personal Vintage Style Sends a Message

Exactly why is personal style important? What you wear sends a message to those who see you; whether it be who you are as a person, or how you want to be perceived. Style can show the wearer’s quirkiness, their interests, while another style can show that its wearer takes their self seriously, and can’t be bothered with those who do not.

Myself? I view my personal style more as an extension of my personality, and even a portrayal of my mood that day. Reserved and guarded are adjectives I’d use to describe myself upon first meeting, and I believe those traits are reflected in the type clothing I generally lean toward. I often reach for oversized sweaters, turtlenecks, tops with long sleeves, skirts that start at the waist and hit mid-calf, pants/trousers as opposed to shorts, etc.

Your Personal Vintage Style Reveals Your Interests

I’ve recently concluded that my personal style is indeed vintage-like. And the range of particular eras I’m interested in varies. I love the garb worn from different historical periods in time. The frill and pomp found throughout the Elizabethan era and the eccentric nature found in Rococo fashion, (though truthfully, all of them. Though I suppose those are counterparts you find throughout time’s fashion: Extravagance and Simplicity). The different styles and trends that appear throughout the Georgian, to Victorian and into the Edwardian Eras. And then the styles popularized in the 20th century. All of them beautiful, and I hope to acquire pieces that speak to that beauty. This all speaking to my love of History.

It Can Also Tell of Your Background…Usually

The issue I often find is that styles I particularly like, are meant for cooler times, and even cold climates. (“Sweater Weather” is a personal favorite, though I don’t get to indulge in it very often.) Though this can be countered by the material in which the garments are made. In some cases, your clothing can be a telltale sign of your background and where you’re from. I must admit, if you were to see me and the majority of my style in the climate and environment I live in, it would look a bit out of place. The important thing though, being that you feel confident in what you choose to wear. My most sincere belief regarding clothes: Your clothing should enhance your confidence.

Personal Vintage Style is a Form of Self Expression

This is a form of self-expression, and ideally, this portrayal of who you are should be true and strong. In order for your style to take effect, what you put on your body needs to make you feel good, as well as look good. Your style acts as a catalyst for your inner confidence, and I find that is when one’s personal style functions best.

You want your personal style to set you apart from the rest. You want it to give people something to remember and think back on with admiration or fondness. It is important that your personal vintage style make you stand out, in a good way.

Ardently Ana|Why Personal Vintage Style is Important
Here, I would like to think that my outfit “sends the message” of what I want to portray. Confidence and kindness being among them.

It Can Also Be Tangibly Beneficial

To give a more serious note: Imagine you’re at an interview for your dream job. Say your dream job is CEO of a company. Everyone applying to this job is, presumably, qualified as well. Say, everyone applying has a great handshake, packs an impressive resume and has a shining personality to match. What would set you apart from the rest?

Perhaps it’s your monochromatic, wide-legged pant suit with matching heels, or your midi length skirt with your contrasting top and T-strap heels. Little did you know, your impressive style tipped the scale enough to leave you at the forefront of your interviewer’s mind. Thus, rewarding you your dream job when you were up against people who were just as good a pick.

Embrace Your Personal Vintage Style

Your style conveys the image you want to portray because it’s communicating your intended message. You want to be beaming with confidence because you feel good about and in what you wear. And as an inevitable bonus, along with your outfits being memorable, you are memorable.

I’d say it’s about time you started putting a little more thought into the cultivation of your personal vintage style. Wouldn’t you?



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