Winter Wardrobe Inspiration

“Winter Wardrobe Inspiration”

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Winter Wardrobe Inspiration

I don’t mind sharing with you that at the moment of typing this, I don’t feel creatively inspired by much… That is, except for the coming of the Holidays and forthcoming mild change in weather. That, for me, signal chillier mornings, an increase in clouded skies and the use of heavier sweaters.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the luxury of getting to change my wardrobe completely, as the climate does not warrant it. But what I can look forward to, is a change of color palette. As well as the introduction and/or re-entrance of colors and patterns I designate for colder times.

We’ll call this my “Winter Wardrobe Inspiration-Board”

As we know, a couple festive Holidays take place during winter: Christmas and New Year’s Day/Eve. The United States’ Thanksgiving I’d say is on the cusp of winter. So I like to include it in the “Holiday Season”.

When looking to the coming Holidays, I get excited for metallic, embellishment and glimmer in my clothing and accessories. All of which, I am ensuring make an appearance this year. A classic theme I am particularly looking forward in sporting to welcome the New Year in is black and gold. I’ve come across a few pieces this past year that fall within this classic combination.

New Year

One piece being a blouse, a sufficient amount of flounce, I might add. Sheer and made of viscose, ’tis a black shade with gold metallic material threaded in an overall paisley pattern. Long sleeved, with covered buttons at the wrist and nape of the neck, with a collar that hints at a mock-neck style. (It gratefully came with a detachable lining.) The other top I had in mind for the New Year is a ruched shorter sleeve, resembling a 1/3 length. With an outer-shell made of polyester and viscose, it has a lovely texture with metallic fabric speckled throughout the little tufts. With covered buttons along one side starting from the collar, an exception was made for the large quantity of polyester used in the fabric. And again, gratefully, this top is lined, with viscose!

Winter Wardrobe Inspiration|Ardently Ana
This is a top I am looking very forward to wearing. Wonderful metallic gold paisley pattern with a sort of metallic ribbed pattern to compliment.
New Year
The gathered sleeves and fibrous tufts are most definitely shining details. Though my favorite aspect of this shirt would have to be the metallic threads throughout.

The couple last pieces to ring in the New Year are dresses. One of a shorter length, in a wrap style with ½ length gathered sleeves and metallic fibers running throughout. Made of viscose, polyamide and metallic fibers, it too has a lining of viscose. (I think it safe to say there is an enjoyment of lining.) The other dress is of a floor length, a “maxi” length, if you will. This show stopper has a sleeve length of about ½, a mock-neck collar, and a belted waist. The only piece in my closet unlined and made of only polyester, I simply had to make an exception. The entire dress is pleated!

New Year
My goal for this picture was to capture the glint of the metallic threads in this wrap dress. I’d love to wear it to a New Year’s Cocktail Gathering.
Winter Wardrobe Inspiration|Ardently Ana
I debated including a picture of this dress just because it was so difficult to picture. Though I think it gives a good idea of the length and pleats throughout.


For Christmas, I am especially excited to be introducing colors not usually found in my wardrobe. The first color up being a deep forest, emerald green. I’ve a lovely dress I came across in the exact color I was searching for, and in the loveliest cut! A midi length and long-sleeved dress with a V cut made out of silk, accentuating the wonderful green shade. Covered buttons at the wrist and down a portion of the front only add to its allure. The only thing I could think of that would make this dress even better, is if there were pockets. But then I think it’d take away from silhouette.

The next colors I was looking to introduce were of a blue shade. One, being a deep, though soft and slightly powdery, antique blue, close to a navy. And the second being a blue-green, almost ethereal-sea-like colored blue. Though this color is a bit harder to find in styles I enjoy. I did however manage to find a skirt that is a more than adequate compromise of the two, combined. With a backdrop of the antique blue, decorated in a wonderful peacock and gold metallic floral design with the blue-green splashed throughout, it might be one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. I’m planning to pair this with a knitted warm brown chocolate sweater to compliment the notes of warm brick-red found throughout the peacocks.

Winter Wardrobe Inspiration|Ardently Ana
One of the two pieces that don’t have a metallic aspect, this green number steals the show with it’s sleek texture and classic silhouette.
Winter Wardrobe Inspiration|Ardently Ana
This is such a special piece. The filter it’s under really showcases the metallic gold interacting with the red and blue-green. What you aren’t catching is the lovely antique blue backsplash.


And for Thanksgiving, two tops in mind. The first, a wonderful jewel, brass/copper toned, metallic top I am particularly anxious to sport. Long-sleeved, with frills lining the shoulders, almost a “double breasted shoulder frill” and covered buttons at the wrists. This too, is one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe at the moment. And the last top, a beautiful deep plum, vampy colored top. It has an exaggerated V in the front lined with a wondrous ruffle, with covered buttons at the wrist.

Winter Wardrobe Inspiration|Ardently Ana
Really, nothing has to be said about this top. It is an absolute stunner. This is what ruffled metallic copper day dreams are made of.
The eye-catching factor of this blouse has to be the neck ruffle. ‘Tis sheer, but I feel as though with the right undergarments, it would make for a fabulous Thanksgiving top.

All of these tops would go particularly well with a pure black paper-bag trouser. As would a great many other tops in my closet. Which is why I am currently on the lookout for a pair from a particular brand.

Some More Winter Wardrobe Inspiration

I am also being inspired by the prospect of Bavarian inspired clothing, with a particular brand in mind as well. The lovely cuts of dirndls and folk jackets, with substantial, warm materials and long skirts made of the same. That is what I am working toward saving for at the moment. The almost eccentric while timeless nature, (for lack of a better description), is what has been so alluring. Not to mention, though very different, it reminds me of Tudor fashion.

When it comes to accessories, I have been loving pearls, hair accessories and fabric covered heels. Pearl earrings, pearl necklaces, are both wonderful traditional pieces to have in your winter wardrobe. I believe they add an air of sophistication to most looks. I have also been particularly inspired by hair accessories. More specifically, by bows and, (more intensely), padded headbands. The femininity that the two types carry are almost opposite of each other, but feminine nonetheless. The bow being a more romantic, traditional feminine touch, and the padded headband having a more confident and sure presence. Covered in velvet for everyday use, though can you imagine how beautiful a pearl embellished bow and padded headband would be? Someone did, and you bet on your prized pony I’ve got my eye on them.

And to adorn my feet, I’ve been fancying fabric covered heels, especially if it be of a jacquard fabric. I feel as though the texture that a jacquard fabric offers is really beautiful.

If you were having a hard time finding inspiration for your forthcoming winter and holiday pieces, I hope you found at least one thing that sparked your interest for the season! Please let me know what your Winter Wardrobe Inspiration looks like!



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