Your Relationship with Fashion

“Your Relationship with Fashion”

I hope I find you well!

Your Relationship with Fashion

These past days, I’ve started thinking of the ways I interact with fashion. For the moment, it feels particularly inapplicable to be reflecting on anything remotely fashion-related. I recently came across a social media post that seemed to be quoting the current creative director of Balenciaga on the 360 Degrees Show for the Winter ’22 Collection – “…in a time like this, fashion loses its relevance and its actual right to exist.” This encapsulates most feelings I’ve had toward thoughts of my wardrobe and clothing. Especially because at the moment, I feel as though my personal style has just gone through a bit of a transition. Realizing that I quite enjoy pattern and incorporating into my wardrobe as staple pieces. But how is one to reflect on these revelations when there is a pang of sharpness and guilt that comes with these thoughts?

Victory of Love, Peace and Self Expression

The quote then goes on to say “But then I realized that cancelling this show would mean giving in, surrendering to the evil…It is a dedication to fearlessness, to resistance, and to the victory of love and peace.” Of course, this is coming from a viewpoint that has first person experience; whose show has worldwide exposure. So, this fable of success has a much more profound moral than one that is far removed from the thick of global events. Though I think the moral that feels true is that in whatever you do, you must not take it for granted; always choose compassion; and help in whatever way you are capable.

Your with Relationship Fashion|Ardently Ana
The relationship with fashion and things of beauty can strain in the face of adversity. The implication of this relationship thriving is what I hope for each and every soul.

Apart from doing all I am capable of in helping those in need of which they have no control, I also feel as though possibly the content I share, perhaps (appropriately) hedonistic, helps and equips myself, as well as others, in feeling a sense of fulfillment.

So, in the hopes of equipping you: I feel as though to better help one acquire “fewer, nicer things”, one should evaluate their relationship with fashion and objects of beauty. As well as one’s relationship with marketing, habits of purchasing and whether or not it aids in accomplishing one’s goals.

Evaluating Your Relationship with Fashion

Evaluating your relationship with fashion and objects of beauty can be a preventative measure in budget and goal management. Not to mention, understanding that relationship and your interaction with it could lend valuable insight to other aspects of your life. I can do little to help unravel and explain your personal relationship except for sharing my own.

I’ve realized that I approach clothing, makeup and objects as a collector. I enjoy viewing my clothing pieces as works of art. My makeup gives me the most joy when I incorporate colors or techniques that are appealing to my eye. And when I start cultivating a new hobby, I tend to do “deep-dives” and come away pleased having an activity in my arsenal that brings me joy in one way or another. All the better if my hobby allows me to develop a collection. An example I’ll give is reading. I enjoy reading and because of this, I also enjoy acquiring my favorite novels and series in physical, hardback form. This approach to my inspirations already indicates a level of attachment to the item in question. My lifelong task is to determine whether or not this inspiration merits a permanent, physical spot in my life.

I might recommend asking yourself what in the entire process of personal fashion and style do you enjoy most; and whether your appreciation for your objects are long-lived or not. This will better help you accomplish whatever goal(s) you have set.

Your Relationship to Fashion Marketing

My relationship to marketing, I find, is very interesting. Regarding clothes and makeup, the strongest single element, is the visual. Particular cuts, shapes and color are the visual elements I find most appealing. What I also find alluring is the manner of marketing, the angle at which they are promoting the item. This has to do with the way the item is styled and the environment in which it is shown. Though this I’ve found the most interesting: If all “boxes” are “marked” and the item has been dubbed a name that speaks to my historical and geographical interests, it takes a good effort of self-restraint to overcome the desire to immediately purchase said item.

I feel as though understanding this form of enticement fortifies my self-restraint in this regard.

You might try assessing your relationship to marketing by asking yourself what your interests are outside of fashion; beauty; and makeup. And whether they have ever had a hand in your desire for an object. Knowing your personal inspirations can be useful as well. You can read my Blog Post where I’ve created a questionnaire to guide you in grasping your personal inspirations, here!

Your Relationship to Fashion Purchase Habits

At the moment, my purchasing habits are quite well. I’ve set my guidelines for clothing purchases and have found them to be very helpful. I also do not believe I have a strained relationship with spending and purchasing. Though perhaps, at times, it could be described as naive. But in the bout of my acquisitions, I noticed they were all clothing purchases; and they were all in the name of finding my personal style.

I also gathered that it was fruitless to go about collecting clothing without having a worthy foundation of my personal style. (This, in turn, lead to my interest in its cultivation. Which then lead to the idea of a community in which I help others with their personal style journey.)

The other purchase habit I’ve noticed relates to food. I am a “foodie”. Thus, eating at restaurants and having a fully stocked fridge to make meals I’m hankering are of the utmost importance.

I’ve not detected any obvious pattern or habit in my spending, (as of yet). Being aware of your personal purchase habits will cue the girding of thy loins, so to speak. And be better prepared for it. If you’re conscious of a vulnerability, you’ll be able to implement tactics to desist actions that work against you. I’d suggest recording your daily spending habits, mood(s) and noting any significant events, (or lack thereof). This will bring forth any patterns you might be harboring of which you’re unaware.

My Goals

My overall goal, I think, is a simple one. To put quality over quantity; To strive for fewer, nicer things. Why? I want there to be an apparent attachment and/or meaning for each object within my clutches. I want the things that surround me to give me joy and be an extension of myself. And the best part is, the more apparent the reflection of self, the less likely I am to be rid of it. This goal sprouted from wasting money on items that I felt disenchanted by because they did not meet all my standards. And as aforementioned, the lifelong task at hand is to determine whether an item speaks loudly enough to my personal tastes.

Do my habits and relationship with the all-encompassing fashion, in their nature, aid in accomplishing my goals? I’d say yes, they do. I have already implemented habits and guidelines to help me do so. If you’d like to know and pull inspiration from them, there are many posts pertaining to this. “Clothing Purchase Guidelines” gives tips on how to keep to your personal style. “Creating a Beauty Policy” gives my personal Clothing Shopping Plan. While “Clothing Shopping Plan” gives a basis of what you might want to consider when creating your Beauty Policy, (the rules by which you’ve set that you must abide).

I’d love to know more about your relationship with fashion and all it encompasses!

In the meantime, I hope you’ll try not to take life for granted; always choose compassion; and help in whatever way you are capable.



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