Your Vintage Power Outfit

“Your Vintage Power Outfit”

I hope I find you well!

Your Vintage Power Outfit

Take a moment to think of your vintage power outfit. “Vintage Power outfit?”, you say? Yes, your vintage power outfit; an outfit that I believe every woman should have. What I have dubbed your “Vintage Power Outfit” is the combination of pieces you feel most empowered, most confident and comfortable in. And for the purpose of transitioning into vintage style clothing and curating a vintage wardrobe, I think it important to specify that what you need is a vintage power outfit.

Ideally, you should feel attractive in this outfit. Not necessarily desirable, but you should feel good, and it should show. (And this is especially important when your clothing style of choice is generally, an uncommon one-like vintage clothing.)

Your Vintage Power Outfit Should Embolden You

An example of this being your walk becomes more of a strut. Your outfit may impact the way you conduct yourself; the assertiveness or conviction in which speak, perhaps you enunciate better than usual. You may notice your posture to be more upright, and you might slouch less when sitting. When you feel good in what you’re wearing, it affects the way in which you conduct yourself.

Your Vintage Power Outfit|Ardently Ana
In this picture, I don’t have the heels described for my true Vintage Power Outfit. Flats do have a certain charm, time and place though!

Your vintage Power Outfit doesn’t necessarily have to be a showstopper, but it should be a cut above what I would deem “casual”. It by no means needs to be evening attire, but it also shouldn’t be a pair of stretchy leggings and a sweater. Your vintage Power Outfit should be a chameleon, you could wear it to work but also get by with wearing it to a friend’s house or when you’re out and about. For instance, my vintage Power Outfit consists of a form fitting turtleneck tucked into a longer, (about 30 in, which is 76.2 cm), midi A-line preferably sweater or linen skirt; accompanied by a pair of covered-toe T-strap, 2 ½ inch heels. (Note that measurements are important to have on hand.) With this outfit on, I notice a bit more “pep in my step”.

What is Your Vintage Power Outfit

If you haven’t quite pinpointed what your power outfit is, then think of combinations you often wear, and like to wear. What types of styles might you have multiples of? Do you prefer skirts to pants? Perhaps dresses are more your style, as opposed to two-pieced ensembles. And what about shoes; do you prefer flats or heels? Is there a particular color or color scheme that you enjoy wearing? Think also of any recurring details in your wardrobe. This is a good indicator of your personal style and clothing preferences. This will aid in creating your “signature look”, or recognizable style.

Why is This Your Vintage Power Outfit

Then, you must determine why it is you feel good in this outfit. What about each piece do you particularly admire? What of each piece articulates your personality and confidence? I enjoy form fitting turtlenecks because it accentuates the length of my arms. Having a colored material over the arm can draw the eye to it, making the natural line that is already present, more apparent. Turtlenecks are my top of choice, (regardless of the fit), due to the coverage it awards. I enjoy being bundled-up in my clothes as it makes me feel secure.

Midi skirts that fall about 2/3rds to mid-calf, compliment my length well. I prefer a midi skirt to fall about halfway down the calf. The A-line design is flattering because it cinches your waist, and then delicately drops from the hip with the possibility of a slight flare, accentuating what curves are present. This style really highlights your waist to hip ratio. The length combined with the style of skirt ensure that I won’t have to worry about the skirt lifting or riding up. The linen and sweater fabric are merely preference. I enjoy when my materials are of natural fiber and substantial weight. Linen, because it is a moisture wicking fabric that can help you keep dry but also provide some substance, depending on the thickness of the linen; and a sweater likeness because of the comfort it gives, and warmth it provides in cooler environments.

Then we come to the heels. The heels literally give me height, therefore raising myself above most I am around. I am 5’7”, above average for a female in the area I live in. So, an added 2 ½ inches ensures my confidence.

The Goal: Confidence

And that is essentially the goal, confidence in your personal vintage style. Say you feel particularly down one day, or an event or happening occurring: You have an outfit that will ensure you feel good, and that will emphasize and distinguish your best attributes and qualities. The goal and purpose of having and knowing what your Power Outfit is, is so that you have an outfit on hand that makes you feel confident and at peak-performance.

I do so hope this helped in either the creation or analysis of your “Vintage Power Outfit”, and I’d love to know what your particular combination is!



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